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Weiyu George Kuo

Weiyu George Kuo Department of International Business
Ph.D., Financial Economics,
University of Cambridge, UK


  • Ph.D. in Financial Economics Department of Economics University of Cambridge,1994-1998
  • M.Phil. in Finance Department of Economics University of Cambridge ,1993-1994
  • Master of Business Administration, Major in Finance School of Management National Taiwan University,1988-1990
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering National Taiwan University,1982-1986


  • Professor,Department of International Business,National Chengchi University,2014-present
  • Associate Professor,Department of International Business,National Chengchi University,2003-2014
  • Assistant Professor,Department of International Business,National Chengchi University,1998-2003
  • Researcher,Passive Fund Management,Department Headquarters in Zurich of Union Bank of Switzerland(UBS) ,1994
  • Research Assistant,Department of Finance,National Taiwan University,1991-1993
  • Assistant Manager Marketing,Department Fidelity,Investments (Taiwan),1990-1991


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