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IMBA Alumni Association– A Gateway to Excellence

Since its establishment in 2001, the IMBA program has graduated outstanding business professionals from across the globe in many industry sectors. The IMBA Alumni Association (IMBAA) was established in order to create, develop, and maintain opportunities for alumni through a life-long partnership that is dedicated to business opportunities, professional growth, community enhancement, and mutual support between past, present, and future IMBA students.

The association promotes the educational, professional, social, and economic interests of the IMBA Program and its alumni. We strive to form close bonds among alumni, former students, current students, faculties, staff, and the local community as well as the development of ongoing operations in regional alumni chapters and other alumni groups in an effort to expand the involvement and participation of the extended IMBA family in alumni affairs.

The IMBAA is operated in conjunction with several prominent alumni, the auspices of the Office of International Programs at NCCUC, a governance committee comprised of the current IMBA director and NCCUC top administrators and a Board of Alumni with a representative of each year’s batch. The IMBAA is governed by three guiding principles, namely:

Social Events: A platform by which the extended IMBA family is able to gather on a regular basis for fun, and casual events. We publish newsletters, utilize the IMBAA website and promote a cross section of interactive events for the IMBAA extended family to enjoy.

Business Networking: Through the establishment of a directory and various social networking tools, the IMBAA has amassed a database that helps match business opportunities, jobs, etc. among interested individuals. With the addition of the leaders forum IMBA course, alumni and students are able to interact freely and effectively to match their needs as they arise.

Strategic Alliances: Through strong ties with the EMBA program of NCCUC and other English speaking MBA programs in Taiwan and abroad, the IMBAA ensures that outreach and collaboration are fluid and functional for all IMBAA members around the world, or across town. These alliances allow IMBAA to participate in joint activities with businesses, groups, and organizations that broaden our base of both business networking and team building to the extended community.

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