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NCCU Campus

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The main campus of National Chengchi University (NCCU) is located in the southeastern suburbs of Taipei. The university commands a beautiful view, in a peaceful setting, at the foot of Mt. Zhi-nan and is close to many tourist spots including the Zhi-nan Temple, the Tea Display Museum, and the Taipei Zoo.

The main campus is approximately 103 hectares, with 80 hectares set aside as lush, green hillside. The Jing-mei and Zhi-nan Rivers run through the campus forming a beautiful verdant landscape with the surrounding hills and vegetation.

Divided by Zhi-nan River, the campus offers a hill-foot side and the hillside. The hill-foot division is developed along the main axis of Si-wei Avenue, with most university building complexes concentrated along the north-south passage. These include historical buildings such as the Zhi-shi Building, Guo-fu Building, and Si-wei Auditorium. There are also new buildings constructed within the past two decades, including the Chung-cheng Library, the Social Science Information Center, the General Research Building, the College of Commerce Building, and the Genera Building of Colleges. The sixteen-story Genera Building of Colleges, completed and opened in 2000, is now the landmark of the campus.

On the hillside are the Communication College Building, the DaoFan Building, the BaiNian Building, and the JiTao Building. All of these buildings have wonderful views of the beautiful, winding Jing-mei River from the hillside.

At 5 kilometers in length, the tree-lined Beltway running through the hillside serves as the main traffic route for this campus division. A hiker's path was also built on the hillside campus to provide leisure activities for the faculty, students and residents from nearby neighborhoods. The vibrant academic scene in the hill-foot division and the beautiful scenery of the hillside division combined clearly distinguish NCCU apart from other universities in northern Taiwan.


Directions to NCCU

From Tao Yuan International Airport

If you plan to visit National Chengchi University (NCCU) main campus from Tao Yuan International Airport (located 40 kilometers southwest of Taipei), there are a few options:

  • Taxi: This is a convenient, speedy, but expensive way. At the exit from the arrivals hall, you can find taxis with airport logo in line waiting for passengers. These Drivers usually provide better service compared with non-airport taxis. A one way trip from the airport to NCCU will cost you around 1,100 NT$ dollars (around US$35) and will last about 1 hour and 20 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Bus: This is a less expensive way to travel from the airport to NCCU. One way bus fare is around 110 NT$ dollars (around US$3.5). There are several bus companies that run between Tao Yuan International Airport and downtown Taipei. All bus companies have designated ticket counters at the bus platform at the airport. Busses run daily from 6 AM to 2AM. In order to get to NCCU board a bus headed for Songshan airport in Taipei or the Taipei Main train station. From the Songshan Airport or the Taipei Main Station you can easily continue to NCCU using the MRT (Metro Rapid Transit), bus or a short taxi ride.

Directions from the Taipei Main Station

once you get off the bus from the airport at Taipei Main Station, you can choose to take a taxi, a bus or the MRT system to NCCU.

  • MRT:Take the blue MRT line bound for Nangang and switch to the Brown MRT line at Zhongxiao Fuxing station. You need to take the train bound for Taipei Zoo Station. From Taipei Zoo station cross the street and take one of the following buses: Brown 3, Green 1, 236 or 237. All busses stop at NCCU.
  • Bus: lines 236 and 237 departing across the street from the Taipei Main Station will take you directly to NCCU.
  • Taxi: The taxi fare from Taipei Main Station to NCCU is around 250 NT$ dollars (around US$8). Price might be higher if you take it late at night or during rush hours with traffic jam.

Directions from Songshan Airport

  • Board the MRT Wenhu Line (brown line) bound for Taipei Zoo (the last stop).
  • Across the street from the station, you can find the MRT shuttle bus Brown 3, Green 1, and lines 236 and 237 that can take you to NCCU.

From Anywhere around Taipei:

If you plan to visit the main campus of National Chengchi University from anywhere around Taipei, here are some options:

  • Bus: The following bus lines can take you to NCCU : 236, 237, 611, Zhi Nan Bus 1, 2, 3, 282, and MRT shuttle bus lines Brown 3, 5, 6 and Green 1
  • MRT: Whichever MRT station you are, always look for the Green Line (Xindian to DanShui) and/or the Brown Line (Taipei Zoo to Taipei Nangang Exhibition center). These two MRT lines can take you to NCCU.
    • Green Line (line 3): Take the Green Line and get off at Jingmei station. The MRT shuttle bus number "Brown 3" can take you to NCCU.
    • Brown Line (line 1): Take the Brown Line and get off at the last stop, Taipei Zoo. Across the street from the station, you can find the MRT shuttle bus Brown 3, Green 1, and lines 236 and 237 that will take you to NCCU.

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