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Why Study in Taiwan

Four Reasons Why You Should Study in Taiwan

Are you still in the middle of assessing if you want to study abroad? Are you weighing your options or are you just looking for opportunities? In this article, you will find four reasons why you should study in Taiwan.


A rich and diverse population

As of April 2019, there are almost 773,000 foreigners living in different parts of Taiwan. Among this group are those over 120,000 international students pursuing different fields of expertise. 


THE HEART OF ASIA. Taiwan is home to 773,000 foreigners, with almost 120,000 international students pursuing higher education. Photo from
As these numbers grew through the years, Taiwan learned the best way to welcome foreigners and ease them in embracing its culture and people. Taiwan's competitive level of education, convenient and efficient healthcare system, low crime rates, and economic freedom are also a huge plus. To top that, Taiwan ranked 2nd on the annual 2018 Global Peace Index and is also considered to be one of the safest countries to live in the world. So if you're ever worried about living and studying abroad for a few months or even years, Taiwan is a great choice.

Extensive academic resources and quality education

There are as many as 46 universities from Taiwan that are featured in the QS University Rankings: 16 ranked in the QS World University Rankings and the rest in the QS Asia University Rankings as of 2018. With Academic Reputation and International faculty/International student ratio as 2 out of 6 metrics that the survey believes to effectively capture a university's performance, it is not difficult to conclude that studying in Taiwan will be advantageous and an opportunity that one should not let slip.

The competitive and globally-adaptive curriculum is a feat that universities and members of the faculty here in Taiwan are proud of. In an ever-changing and fast-paced world and environment, professors and program administrators continuously improve and refine their programs in order to produce graduates and research that are globally-competitive. 

ONE OF TAIWAN’S FINEST. National Chengchi University is home to the first fully-accredited English-taught MBA program in Taiwan.
School facilities in Taiwan are also top-notch. Universities also have extensive libraries that will provide you the resources not only in their native language but also from different parts of the world. With a rich catalog of books, journals, multimedia selections, theses and the like-- you will never get tired of learning beyond the four corners of the classroom. 

Wide-range of schools and institutions that offer international degree programs and scholarships

The growing number of international students in Taiwan is not an unseen opportunity by the Taiwan government. The government shared its plan to attract 150,000 international students to study in Taiwan by 2020. In order to reach this target, universities increased their international program offerings and also diversified degree courses that are taught entirely or partly in English. There are also various scholarship offers and grants not only from the top-ranking universities but also from various ministries (i.e Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) to encourage outstanding international students to study here.

National Chengchi University offers six (6) international degree programs in different fields, namely: International Master's Program of Business Administration (IMBA), International Master's Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IMAS), International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS), International Master's Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS), International Master's Program in International Studies (IMPIS), and International Master Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES).


Foreigner-friendly cities and easy access to Taiwan's breathtaking spots

The life of an international student is not only about school papers, readings, and research- of course, you must take a break from time to time and immerse yourself in the beautiful place you are in. And there’s no better place for adventurers and travelers than Taiwan.

First, there are translated signs available everywhere-- in English, Korean and Japanese and sometimes Vietnamese and Indonesian. Even the train station and bus stop announcements include English translations to ease your travel around the country. 

Second, you have easy access to any tourist spot you want to visit. Google maps will be your friend and buying tickets to cities outside of Taipei is also easy for foreigners. Transportation is commended for its public transport and both ex-pats and locals agree that it is clean, reliable, safe and aptly priced. 

STUDY AND TRAVEL HAVEN. Explore the Jiufen Old Street of Ruifang District, a mere 1 and a half hours from Taipei City. Photo from
And lastly, Taiwan is simply beautiful. No matter how long you decide to study in Taiwan, you will find yourself taking time to immerse and visit popular sights like night markets, museums, creative parks, and other tourist spots in between your classes. Taiwan encourages you to go on an adventure by yourself or with your peers so you will never get bored or tired of traveling around the country.

Taiwan aims to be bilingual by 2020- with a goal not only to establish English as an official language but also to “create an English-speaking environment and make Taiwan a society in which people can communicate in English fluently." So for those still undecided to pursue an education in Taiwan, there’s no better time to do it but now.