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Tuition & Fees

The IMBA program requires a minimum of 42 credit hours for completion. The estimated cost to complete the program in two years is shown below. 

Particulars (over 24 months/ 2 years) Amount (in NT$)
Tuition Fees (Credit Fees)1 $369,600
Miscellaneous Fees2 $60,000
Accommodation3 $360,000
Books and Supplies, others4 $20,000
Living Expenses5 $360,000
Insurance6 $16,500
Total NT$ 1,186,100 /  US$ 39,000 7
  1. Tuition fees are computed based on the current rate of NT$8,800 per credit, pegged at 42 credit academic load.
  2. Miscellaneous fees of NT$15,000 per semester (approximate) paid for four semesters. This includes registration fees, premium for student secure insurance, computer fee, etc.
  3. Accommodation expenses are estimated at NT$15,000 per month within the proximate school area, over a 24-month stay. This is the average house rent in metropolitan Taipei. This amount will vary depending on the accommodation arrangement (dormitory stay, rented apartment, etc.)
  4. The majority of the courses have required textbooks, cases, and other materials. Field trips may also be required.
  5. Living expenses are estimated at NT$15,000 per month, over 24 months stay. This is the average individual spending in metropolitan Taipei. Depending on the individual’s lifestyle, travel allowance and recreational expenses might not be included here.
  6. This is an estimated amount to be paid for the International Student Insurance (for the first six months) and National Health Insurance (for the next 18 months), over a student’s 24-month stay. This does not include copays that are to be paid in clinics and hospitals.
  7. Conversion based on December 2019 rates NT$30.41=US$1.