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Recruiting at NCCU IMBA

Find the ideal candidates for your organization!

Student Demographics

The IMBA student body is comprised of half local students, and half international students from over thirty countries in five continents. Our students are high caliber individuals with well diversified background and five to six working experiences on the average. To find out more, please visit Class Profiles.

IMBA Global Talent Online Profile

Discover the top talents at IMBA! All employers are welcome to take a look at IMBA Global Talent Online Profile of those interested in employment and internships. To see students' undergraduate degrees, programs, and business interests are just a mouse click away.  please visit Student Profiles.

Job Postings 

If you are interested in giving full time, part time, or internship opportunities, please email to with detail information includes: 

  • Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Company Introduction
  • Qualification
  • Contact Information

We will post all the information at IMBA's website for you.