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Welcome to IMBA Alumni Community !

Year 2015 IMBA Alumni Board is selected to serve for all IMBA students.

Here is your board members’ contact info. You can contact the representative from different year for more updates about IMBA Alumni activities and connect with your classmates to share life and explore more business opportunities.

Please also welcome to join IMBA Facebook Fan Page and IMBA Linkedin Group to get the most real-time news from OIP and IMBAA.

Year Name E-mail Title
2001 Jose' Adolfo Aguilar Board Member
2002 Jane Ko Board Member
2003 Vanessa Chen Board Member
2003 Alicia Say Board Member
2004 Nicky Hsieh Board Member
2004 Albert Lin Board Member
2005 Juan Carlos Madrigal Board Member
2005 Selina Hsin President
2006 Jan Jovy Board Member
2006 Caroline Wong Board Member
2006 Marcos Torres Board Member
2007 Richard H. deVries Board Member
2008 Sunny Lee Board Member
2008 Miguel Chang Board Member
2008 Mike (Michael) Lee Board Member
2009 Judy Wang Board Member
2009 Kevin Wang Board Member
2010 Jan Jaap Braam Board Member
2010 Jeffrey Ling Board Member
2011 David Mao Board Member
2011 Israel Gogol Vice President
2012 Manuel Sieber Board Member
2012 Yolanda Chan Board Member
2013 Martin David Puthanangady Board Member

Every IMBA student can connect with your IMBA friends from all over the world after logging into your personal profile. Your Student ID is your key to open up the treasure! Please don’t hesitate to login to your personal profile and explore more possibilities!   

2015~2017 IMBA Alumni Board