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A third of the instructors hail from faculty members of the College of Commerce at National Chengchi University (NCCUC), which is comprised of eight departments, one graduate institute, and sixteen national-level research centers employing 155 world-class faculties, most of whom have earned Ph. Ds from prestigious universities around the world. Another third of the faculty represents renowned scholars from top overseas business schools as visiting instructors and a final third of the faculty is comprised of industry senior executives who have long-standing real-world business experience.

The current size, composition, and qualifications of the faculty are an extension of the quality assurance initiatives that NCCUC has developed over 60 years. In order to adequately support an evolving body of students and the greater business community with quality research, teaching, and service, our school has worked diligently to recruit faculty who demonstrate exceptional backgrounds and ability. Not only does this reflect the program’s efforts to maintain a meaningful balance between theoretical and practical learning, but it also reflects the internationalization of the program. Here is a short list of the distinguished visiting educators, past and present that have helped make our program outstanding:

Prof. Glen H. Brodowsky, California State University, USA
Prof. David Ta-wei Chang, Chairman of Zhong Zheng Co., Ltd., Taiwan
Prof. David Y. Chang, General Manager of Harvard Business Review Complex Chinese Edition, Taiwan
Prof. Joseph Teyu Chou, former Chairman of Taipei Financial Center Corp (TAIPEI 101), Taiwan
Prof. Andrew C. Chu, California State University, USA
Prof. Chester Ho, Chairman and Founder, Taipei Angels, Taiwan
Prof. Foo-Ni Ho, San Francisco State University, USA
Prof. James Liu, Founder, Peak Capital Group., Inc.  
Prof. Jason Hsu, Director of Research and Investment Management, Research Affiliates LLC and Professor of UCLA, USA
Prof. Joseph Hu, former Managing Director of Standard & Poor’s, USA
Prof. S.H. Lee, former Vice President of Human Resources Dep., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Taiwan
Prof. Sandra Liu, Purdue University, USA
Prof. Kwei Tang, Allison and Nancy Schleicher Chair Emeritus, Purdue University, USA
Prof. Edward J. Shyurng, Former President of Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd, Taiwan

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