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NCCU International MBA is ready to assist you with identifying the right candidates to meet your company's hiring needs!

The College of Commerce at NCCU (NCCUC) is highly regarded nationally and internationally as the best business school in Taiwan. Its reputation is based in the caliber of its academics and students: NCCUC has been ranked forty-seventh Worldwide Master in Management, based on Financial Times; its graduates are highly regarded by the local and international business communities. And International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) of NCCUC nurtures the best talents for your company.

At NCCU IMBA, we pride ourselves on the global quality of our education. The NCCU IMBA is among the most international of highly-ranked IMBA programs, with nearly half of our students coming to us from abroad. Likewise, fifty percent of our faculty members join us from across the world - representing some thirty different countries. In addition to coming from different nations and cultures, our students are from diverse professions, and mostly with working experiences for an average of five to six years.

As Asian economy grows significantly, the NCCU IMBA introduce our students a strong global view as well as Asian perspective. We also collaborate with the businesses to enhance our students by practicing their learning with the world's latest business trends. Offering courses with Harvard style case study writes-up of local enterprise business issues, as well as a required course, "Leader's Forum," in which senior executives of renowned corporations are invited, to provide students the opportunity to come into direct contact, face to face with these senior executives. Last year the course has extended to the financial sector, in cooperation with Standard Chartered Bank. we designed six sessions of "Standard Chartered Forum," which has brought a wealth of experience into the classroom.

Also, the professional training consulting service has been recently undergone, which provides designed learning subjects for companies to helping the employees meet or exceed their job requirements.

Known for our unique curriculum, international learning environment, and strong links with business community; NCCU IMBA offers a worldwide-recognized education and excellent candidates for your organization. So please visit the website to meet your future employees now, and feel free to contact us.

Today's graduate-level management education must position itself in the world economy.