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Mandarin Studies

This is an imageThere’s no denying that Chinese is one of the most important business languages in the world. This is why we encourage our IMBA students to apply for Mandarin Studies offered by our university. The program attracts a diverse group of international students from different cultures making it an ideal and conducive platform to not only study IMBA but also learn Mandarin at the same time.
Learning Mandarin while studying IMBA in NCCU provides our international students a competitive advantage to a wide variety of industries by training students with cross-cultural knowledge, technical skills, and Chinese language abilities. With courses that explore business on a global scale, knowing Chinese from a commercial and cultural perspective will be beneficial if you want to compete and keep up with the rest of the world.

This is an imageThe NCCU Chinese Language center has regular courses that are designed to enhance language skills like listening, speaking, reading and writing at various levels. We also have elective courses for international students who want to improve their Chinese listening and speaking skills or learn Classical Chinese, Taiwanese, or Cantonese calligraphy.

IMBA students have the privilege to choose between intensive courses that have a weekly schedule of 3 hours per session every weekday, or less-intensive courses which have one 3-hour session per week. Instructors in the program are highly qualified with multiple years of experience teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to individuals with various linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
Aside from classroom activities, NCCU Chinese Language Center also organizes workshops, field trips and extra-curricular classes to provide students with opportunities to integrate and hone their knowledge culturally and socially with local students. 
For more information about our Mandarin courses, please visit the NCCU Chinese Language Center website at:


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