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Events Top Hot 政大商院風華一甲子院慶晚宴 NCCU College of Commerce 60th Birthday Dinner Banquet
Events Top Hot NCCU IMBA RUN - The Reunion Day
Events Top Updating Alumni Information
Events Hot 【 NCCU IMBA Career Seminar 】Working in Asia 2018.10.27
Events 【 NCCU IMBA Career Talks 】Entrepreneurship start-up your own business 2018.10.10
Events 【 NCCU IMBA Career Talks 】POWERFUL MESSAGES 2018.10.06
Events Congratulations to NCCU IMBA Graduates on winning 2018 TaiwanICDF Scholarship Recipient Short Film Competition Second Place and Distinction Prizes
Events 【 NCCU IMBA Career Talks 】 Changing Career Paths 2018.09.29
Events The 60th anniversary of College of Commerce, Congratulations 🎉🎉
Events 【 NCCU IMBA Career Seminar 】 How to write a good CV
Events NCCU-IMBA Buddy Program 2018 is launched
Events Campus Short film Collection – Show My Appreciation
Events IMBA Alumni Homecoming and Multicultural café
Events 【Volunteer Opportunity】Oath Club and the Changhua County Department of Education
Events NCCU IMBA Alumni Homecoming and Multicultural café (FREE Admission)
Events IMBA Alumni Experience Sharing by Yolanda Chan, March 16
Events Encourage students to go out of comfort zone and experience foreign culture, NCCUC held Partner School Fair
Events NCCU IMBA offers “Flash Learning” at Taipei 101
Events NCCU IMBA Forming an International Think Tank with Taipei 101
Events NCCU IMBA Video Design Competition
Events NCCU IMBA Buddy Program is launched
Events ​NCCU IMBA Graduating Class of 2017 Shares Memories during the Graduation Gala
Events IMBA Dragon Boat Team Races in the 2017 Competition
Events Uniting the IMBA through Dragon Boat and Latino food
Events IMBA Family Day on May 21st
Events Beyond the culture of sharing: Aboriginal children visit by NCCU IMBA students!
Events IMBA Multicultural Café
Events IMBA student receives a certificate from the Mayor of Mannheim in representative of Taiwan
Events IMBA alumnus speaks to Taiwan's President in El Salvardor