Empowering Excellence: NCCU IMBA Student, Francine Holder, Presents Research at the Prestigious 18th European Congress of Psychology in Brighton, United Kingdom

  • 2023-09-20
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Empowering Excellence: NCCU IMBA Student, Francine Holder, Presents Research at the Prestigious 18th European Congress of Psychology in Brighton, United Kingdom

Driven by passion for Human Resource Management, IMBA candidate Francine Holder explored the research topic, "The Influence of Organizational Favouritism Climate on Work Engagement: A Moderated-Mediation Framework." Under the expert guidance of her thesis advisor, Dr. Changya Hu, Ph.D., and Ph.D candidate Mai Pham, this research concept earned the prestigious honour of acceptance by the 18th European Congress of Psychology.

The congress was held from July 3rd to 6th, 2023, at the Brighton Center in Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom. Embracing the central theme, "Uniting communities for a sustainable world," the events addressed pressing global issues and emphasized psychology's pivotal role in driving meaningful change. By advocating a collective approach to influence transformative action, the congress explored a broad spectrum of areas within psychology, utilizing psychological theories, principles, and practices to foster a fairer, more inclusive, and sustainable world.

The grand event commenced on July 3rd, 2023, with a series of pre-congress workshops, followed by a captivating opening ceremony. Enchanting performances from the talented Brighton's Gay Men Choir mesmerized the audience. Their special renditions of several hit songs like “Venus” by Shocking Blue, and, “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls, earned resounding applause. As the ceremony progressed, distinguished voices from the field of Psychology also graced the stage, infusing the occasion with an aura of grandeur. Esteemed speakers, including the British Psychology Society CEO Sarb Bajwa, European Federation of Psychologists President Christoph Steinbach, British Psychology President Dr. Nicky Hayes, and Mayor of Brighton and Hove, Jackie O'Quinn, delivered inspiring speeches that set the tone for this intellectually stimulating event.

On July 4th, the congress continued with a dynamic program featuring keynote addresses, panel discussions, oral and poster presentations, and symposiums. As the events unfolded, it provided a platform for researchers to share their ground-breaking work. Through facilitating a rich exchange of ideas while empowering participants to learn and explore innovative approaches, the congress fosters meaningful collaborations to address societal challenges. Rounding up day one, a social event at the Brighton Pier also allowed participants to connect with fellow researchers. Braving the British rainy weather and chilly winds, attendees enjoyed fish & Chips, as well as fairground rides.  The next day, July 5th, saw a continuation of engaging sessions, enabling attendees to delve deeper into various psychological domains including social, cognitive, developmental, personality, forensic and industrial or occupational, as well as the use of artificial intelligence and innovative solutions that enhance the field.

On the final day of the conference, July 6th, Francine took center stage during an occupational psychology session. Highlighting key aspects of her research, she delivered a clear and concise 7-minute oral presentation to an engaged audience. Reflecting on her incredible journey, she described the experience as profoundly enriching and empowering. Participating in conferences not only expands your horizons but also provides invaluable experiences, insights, and networking opportunities that can help you advance in your academic and professional pursuits. Recognizing the challenges she endured during the journey, Francine shared, “I persevered! It was undoubtedly worth it! Presenting my research was an exceptional moment of pride and accomplishment because my hard work and dedication culminated in a truly rewarding experience. As a master's level student among seasoned doctoral researchers and professionals, I found myself truly inspired to strive for their level of excellence.” 

Expressing profound gratitude to everyone who played a pivotal role in making this opportunity possible, Francine stated with sincerity, "I am extremely grateful for the invaluable support and encouragement that I received from faculty and staff, without whom this journey would not have been possible. I am also deeply appreciative of Dr. Changya Hu and Mai Pham, who provided invaluable guidance and expert feedback throughout the research process. Also, I would like to extend sincere gratitude to my oral defense committee members, Dr. Eunae Cho and Dr. Mavis Yi-Ching Chen, for their wise counsel and perspectives. Finally, I would like to express my appreciation to the National Science and Technology Council for their generous subsidy, which greatly contributed to financing my attendance at the conference.

Anticipating the future with excitement, Francine looks forward to attending more conferences, recognizing the invaluable opportunity they offer to connect with brilliant minds and build stronger networks. Her remarkable experience is truly a testament to the power of determination and the invaluable support of a nurturing academic community at the NCCU IMBA program. In the spirit of her success, she passionately advocates for potential candidates to enroll in the program. Dedicating her success to the department, she concluded, “The NCCU IMBA program empowers excellence to shape tomorrow's leaders through knowledge, discovery, and transformation. I encourage future candidates to pursue this life changing journey where personal growth and academic achievement converge.”

Certificate awarded to Francine for her valuable contribution to the 18th European congress of psychology
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On the second day of the Congress (July 4th, 2023), Francine paused for a quick photograph before heading into the occupational psychology sessions
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Elated to be presenting at the 18th European Congress of Psychology, Francine radiates joy, as she is candidly captured with a bright smile
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Francine Proudly Displays the flags from her homeland; St. Lucia, and, Taiwan: A Symbol of patriotism and identity
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A Moment of Poise as Francine Gears up to present on the final day (July 6th 2023) of the 18th European Congress of Psychology 2023
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