Grab the World Trend in the Post-Pandemic Era: Apply for NCCU IMBA Information Session held on 22th October!

  • 2022-09-16
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COVID-19 breaks the operation of the regular world trade, the existing knowledge and working models are no longer efficient to cope with changes and challenges arose in the post-pandemic era. NCCU IMBA’ s view on this trend as follows: catch up to the rapidly changing international market, even the talents with high flexibility and adaptability. Thus, NCCU IMBA gathered prestigious professors and well-known corporate leaders, aiming not only to provide an English language learning environment, but also provides fertile ground for fostering the mindset and cross-disciplinary skills to remain the IMBAders competitive. NCCU IMBA organizes only 1 Information Session each academic year, it will be held on 22th October in NCCUC. We have invited a number of alumni and students for experience sharing, if you want to grab the world trend in the post-pandemic era, don’t hesitate and apply for the Information Session!

Inside the IMBA classroom, elite professionals from over 20 countries both work together and compete against each other. Business case competitions and entrepreneurial-focused presentations simulate in part the experience of working in large multinational companies. Our students experience multiculturalism and learn to work with people of different backgrounds and expertise. In additional, with the NCCU IMBA alumni network spanning 60 countries, IMBA students and graduates can get strong support via an enormous and close-knit community, cross-regional and cross-domain networking and a share and exchange of information and resources.

The business leaders at NCCU IMBA hail from world-renowned companies, including Joseph Hu, former Managing Director of Standard & Poor's, Prof. Swee-Huat Lee, former Human Resource Vice President of TSMC, Dr Kon-Rad Young, former Research & Development Vice President of TSMC, and Dr Jason Hsu, the founder and chairman of Rayliant Global Advisors etc. As professors, these business leaders share valuable practical experience with a network of industry contacts with IMBA students. Our internationally renowned professors include faculty members from famous schools such as Purdue and UCLA, as well as other schools with leading MBA programs in Europe and the Americas. Finally, our top faculty members within the College of Commerce at NCCU are dedicated to cultivating future leaders among our IMBA students.

As a result of these efforts, NCCU IMBA is the only MBA business school in Taiwan to obtain international accreditations from both EQUIS and AACSB as well as become a member of PIM, an exclusive consortium of leading international business schools. Dual degree programs with 9 top schools in Europe and America, enabling up to 18 IMBA students to enrol in, to obtain a degree from both NCCU and one of our partner schools in Austria, France, Germany or the US. Besides, NCCUC IMBA cooperates with more than 80 partner schools in 34 countries, providing over 200 opportunities for students to exchange.

In the face of the rapidly changing global business environment, join NCCU IMBA for the fostered international competitive, be stood out from the crowd in the post-pandemic era and get your early bird tickets to grab the world opportunity.

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