2022 NCCUC Partner School Fair is back, building a bridge to 142 prestigious commercial schools overseas

  • 2022-10-19
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Taken on students’ strong aspirations, the highly expected NCCU College of Commerce (NCCUC) Partner School Fair was back again on 18th October thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the international students and the help from the Office of International Programs (OIP). On this special day, exchange students from 17 countries and 25 different universities gathered together under colorful national flags in the Commerce building and are ready to introduce their universities and culture. The venue was fully occupied by local students who were interested or ready to go on an exchange program. The fair provided thorough information of the partner schools with brochures and a bridge connecting local students with the representatives.

The opportunity to study abroad is definitely one of the precious benefits to NCCUC students. Due to the swept of covid-19, the annual fair has been canceled for two years. However, with the epidemic slowdown, 408 quotas are provided for qualified students this year. The partnerships with 142 celebrated business schools from 42 different countries provide the students with ultimate educational and networking prospects. Both numbers are increasing annually. University such as the Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), the ESADE Business School (Spain), the SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy), the University of Mannheim (Germany), York University (Canada), Waseda University (Japan), National Singapore University (Singapore), Tsinghua University (China), and Peking University (China) could be chosen. The mission of the Exchange Programs is to broaden students’ horizon and build up deeper connection into the global business marketplace with competitiveness.

All booths were well equipped with flyers and brochures. Some representatives even set up laptops showing videos or photos to provide local students with a clear picture of the respective universities. “The biggest benefit of studying in University of Amsterdam is that it is very international.” he shared. “More people speak English than Dutch, if you speak English, you can get anywhere in the city.” Gijs Bouma (馬吉恩) from University of Amsterdam Faculty of Economics and Business kicks away student’s concerns of language barrier.

Speaking of living expenses, Elin Bratt (李函凌) from Stockholm School of Economics said that the food is twice as expensive as that in Taiwan and the housing cost is quite high. However, welfare in Sweden is advanced and the transport system is well-developed. Moreover, International Business Program in Stockholm School of Economics is one of the best while Accounting, Business Management, and Economics are other prestige master programs.

It is no doubt that all represents are from the best school from their hometown. Sophia Hess(何霏霏), a student from Brazil who studies Business/Public Administration from FGV EAESP located in Brazil not only shared many similarities and differences between Taiwan and Brazil, but also introduced her university to us. Take expenses for example, food prices are much higher in São Paulo than that in Taiwan, however, other costs like clothing and traveling are almost the same. Speaking of her university, FGV EAESP, she mentioned that it is the first foundation for business and public administration in Latin America, which makes it the best and the most prestigious one there. Besides, in Brazil, we love international people.”

When it comes to transportation, Anton Carpenter (賈安東) from Aalto university (Finland) said that the transportation is very convenient and fast in Finland. He also shared about the very special course system where they get intense lesson every day for a specific course and after three weeks, they move on to the next course. “The system is very different here in NCCU where you have more subjects at the same time at a slower pace.” Anton Carpenter mentioned.

On the other hand, CHEN, LU-XIANG (陳律翔) from Department of Statistics shared that he is going to Belgium, although there is no booth from Belgium this time, he made acquaintance with the representative of France and had a nice chat about his favorite sport, football. What’s more, Chen even met his Buddy Program partner from Netherlands.

Through this invaluable opportunity to interact with exchange students in person, College of Commerce students get a clearer picture of their desired university and their concerns and doubt of studying abroad was swept away, preparing themselves with strengthened competitiveness to stand well in the internationalize marketplace.

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Representatives from the partner schools lined up in front of the Commerce Building and are ready to share and solve questions from local students with enthusiasm.

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Representatives from the partner schools and local students both have a great time sharing.

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Exchange students from the most renowned business school in the Netherlands, "Rotterdam School of Management", and the world's TOP100 colleges, "University of Amsterdam", made up a "Dutch Team" to share the characteristics and unique student activities of their schools.

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There are exquisite catalogs and brochures placed at each booth so that students can get the tips of applying for the sister schools and other first-hand information in advance.