Unlocking the Future: NCCU IMBA Information Session

  • 2023-10-26
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Unlocking the Future: NCCU IMBA Information Session

On Saturday, October 21st, the 6th floor of the Commerce building at National Chengchi University (NCCU) came alive with the promise of exciting opportunities. Over 200 prospective students registered for NCCU's IMBA Information Session, eager to explore the world of possibilities that this renowned program offers.

The event kicked off promptly at 10:30 am with a warm welcome from Yao Wang, a second-year student and the event host. Yao set the stage for the informative and engaging session that awaited the eager audience. He highlighted the exciting program ahead, showcasing six prominent speakers who would share invaluable insights into the NCCU IMBA experience.

The first speaker was Professor Jason Tsai, the Director of the IMBA Program at NCCU. He illuminated the distinctive features of the NCCU IMBA, including being the first English MBA program in Taiwan, the only PIM Member in the country, and the first dual-accredited MBA program. Professor Tsai emphasized the diverse composition of the student body, which comprises international and local students and offers opportunities for student exchange and dual-degree programs.

He also highlighted the broad range of academic backgrounds, such as management and information technology, and noted the international and local professors contributing to the program's diversity. With an emphasis on the curriculum, he detailed the concentration areas in management in Asia, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance, along with dynamic learning experiences through company visits. Moreover, Professor Tsai proudly mentioned the 2015 Hult Prize won by IMBA students and the flexibility of the program, designed to accommodate full-time working individuals. He shared inspiring stories of IMBA alumni who have successfully switched careers and are now thriving in their respective fields. Professor Tsai assured prospective students that the IMBA program is a valuable stepping stone toward developing future global leaders.

He also touched upon the program's costs, credit requirements, and scholarship opportunities for both local and international students. Lastly, Professor Tsai provided insights into the admission criteria, which include a minimum of two years of professional experience, English proficiency, and relevant academic degrees.

Following Professor Tsai, Trisha Lionel, the President of the IMBA Student Council, shared her personal journey and experiences within the IMBA program. Originally from St. Lucia, she ventured to NCCU to pursue her IMBA degree. She expressed her deep appreciation for the ICDF scholarship, a significant contributor to her journey, emphasizing the strong diplomatic relations between Taiwan and her home country St Lucia.

Trisha introduced the IMBA Student Council, which plays a pivotal role in connecting students with the administration, alumni, corporations, local communities, and other MBA programs. She elaborated on the three core goals of the Council: Empowerment, Connection, and Collaboration. The Council actively promotes engagement through various initiatives, including talks, seminars, networking events, and leisure activities. Trisha encouraged prospective students to explore the rich tapestry of opportunities NCCU IMBA program offers.

The next speaker, Richard Huang, a former dual degree program student, spoke about his experience of completing two master's degrees simultaneously, offering a unique perspective on the IMBA program. Richard highlighted the advantages of spending a year at a prestigious university, immersing himself in new cultures, languages, and ideas.

His decision to pursue a dual degree program was influenced by various factors, including program details, degree offerings, the location of the partner university, and the culture of the host country. He shared his experiences at Wirtschafts University of Economics and Business in Vienna, Austria, mentioning the support services available, such as the buddy program, campus life, and student networks.

Richard delved into the specifics of his study plan, the credits needed for the dual degree program, and various elective options. He also discussed the residency permit, documentation requirements for Vienna, accommodation options, and the cost of living. Richard's personal journey included adventures, and personal growth. He recommended applying for scholarships, preparing early, signing up for orientation and language courses, taking part in school events, and joining department clubs. Richard concluded by emphasizing the transformative nature of the IMBA Dual Degree program.

Following Richard’s presentation, Taro Tseng, a member of the NCCU IMBA alumni board, shared her invaluable journey during the Information Session. Taro's impressive professional background includes roles such as a BDM/Field Sales expert in Security Scorecard, an accomplished stint as a BDM at COMPAL, and a dual-degree experience at Audencia Business School (France) in tandem with NCCU IMBA. Her journey is a testament to the diverse opportunities the program offers.

Taro's presentation revolved around three core themes: Why NCCU IMBA, 3 Things I Learned from IMBA, and Words of Wisdom for New Entrants (Give & Take). Taro conveyed her motivations for choosing NCCU IMBA. She highlighted the program's potential as a catalyst for career transformation, offering opportunities for career advancement and facilitating dual-degree pursuits. Taro underscored the program's global-local approach, first-in-Taiwan status, and the rich tapestry of its alumni network, all of which contribute to its distinctive allure.

Taro shared profound lessons from her IMBA journey. She emphasized the importance of self-awareness, encouraging students to focus on their goals, maximize their strengths, and develop practical problem-solving skills. Networking held a special place in her narrative, with Taro advocating for active participation in events, tapping into an extensive alumni network, and venturing out of comfort zones. Her global perspective from a dual-degree experience illuminated the significance of embracing diverse cultures and thriving in the real global business world.

Ozkan Kocabiyik, an IMBA alumnus and former captain of the Dragon Boat Team, shared his experiences and insights. Ozkan discussed the need to step out of one's comfort zone and embrace new challenges, emphasizing how the IMBA program helped him become a better speaker and presenter through various class assignments.

Time management emerged as a crucial aspect of Ozkan's journey, as he balanced both social life and studies. He acknowledged that students might face intense semesters but stressed the importance of prioritization and teamwork. Ozkan celebrated the vibrant social life that NCCU offers, encouraging students to immerse themselves in activities like clubbing, hiking, and making new friends. He emphasized the diverse student body, which provides opportunities to interact with people from all corners of the world.

As an investment, Ozkan viewed the IMBA program as a stepping stone to personal and professional growth, offering various leadership roles within the program and clubs. He credited his role as the Dragon Boat Team captain for boosting his confidence and leadership skills. Ozkan concluded by urging students to seize the opportunity to be leaders, practice their soft skills, and cherish the valuable experiences that the IMBA program offers.

The final speaker, Peter Huang, a second-year IMBA student, shared his insights into the program as a current student. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese, with over five years of work experience in the tech industry, Peter provided a unique perspective. Peter elaborated on why he chose the IMBA program, citing its international environment, diverse background, English-taught courses, double-degree and exchange programs, and extensive connections. He emphasized the need to attend classes in person, with options available on both weekdays and weekends.

Moreover, Peter highlighted the program's focus on business-related topics, case studies, and English-taught courses, providing students with an international perspective. He underscored that IMBA life extends beyond the classroom, with various activities like beach trips and outings. The diverse student body at NCCU fosters interaction with people from all around the world, enhancing the overall learning experience. Peter encouraged students to invest in themselves through the IMBA program and defined it as the best investment for personal and professional growth.

After an engaging question and answer segment, the anticipation of the day was far from over. Lunch boxes, brimming with flavors, were handed out, and attendees had the opportunity to interact with alumni and the IMBA Director, Professor Jason Tsai. The camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for the IMBA program filled the room.

As the sun painted the afternoon sky with its warm hues, the excitement moved to the next event: a vibrant Family Day held at the President's house. This joyful gathering was orchestrated by the IMBA office in collaboration with the Student Council, promising an afternoon of pure delight and family-friendly fun.

The event was a wonderful mix of current IMBA students, esteemed Alumni, the President of the IMBA Alumni Association (IMBAA), Yenlan Lin, and the President of the IMBA program himself, Professor Jason Tsai. Attendees were treated to a delicious spread of delectable finger foods and refreshing drinks.

In the first session, participants got to explore the flavors of Thailand with a delightful dessert called "bua loy." Current student Chalothorn and her assistant Peter, led the way in crafting this delectable treat. Bua loy is a Thai rice ball and coconut milk dessert, known for its sweet and aromatic qualities. Participants rolled up their sleeves, got hands-on with the ingredients, and immersed themselves in the art of Thai dessert making.

The second session was equally exciting, featuring a culinary adventure into the heart of Saint Lucia. Current student Trisha Lionel, assisted by Saija took the lead in guiding participants in making St. Lucian fish cakes. This dish is a true embodiment of the Caribbean's vibrant culinary heritage, blending the rich flavors of fish, local spices, and herbs. The preparation and cooking of these fish cakes were as much a cultural exploration as a culinary one.

Beyond the culinary adventures, there were other engaging activities to choose from. Julia hosted a session on Chinese calligraphy, inviting participants to explore the art of brush and ink. The strokes on paper told stories of creativity and expression, connecting participants to the beauty of this ancient art form. For those with a competitive spirit, a variety of board games were available, hosted by Jose and Adriana. Laughter, strategy, and friendly rivalries filled the room as attendees engaged in a playful battle of wits and strategy. The fun then spilled outside, where the atmosphere was perfect for some friendly games of badminton. Nichamon led the charge, and the spirited games added an active dimension to the festivities.

The NCCU IMBA Information Session and the IMBA Family Day at the President's house were two remarkable events that showcased the essence of our vibrant IMBA community. The Information Sessioin provided invaluable insights into the program, offering a glimpse of the incredible opportunities and remarkable success stories that await prospective IMBA students. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their active engagement and interest in our program. We eagerly anticipate welcoming new members to our global community of future leaders.

IMBA Family Day was a perfect continuation of the sense of camaraderie and cultural exploration that defines the NCCU IMBA experience. The shared experiences of creating Thai desserts and St. Lucian fish cakes, engaging in calligraphy and board games, and bonding over a friendly game of badminton, all reflected the diversity and unity within our IMBA family. We express our sincere thanks to everyone who joined us for this memorable day, making it a true celebration of our global community. The bonds formed and the memories created will continue to flourish as we move forward on our journey to a brighter future. Cheers to the NCCU IMBA family!

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The Information Session provided invaluable insights into the program, offering a glimpse of the incredible opportunities and remarkable success stories that await prospective IMBA students.

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Professor Jason Tsai, Director of the IMBA Program, presenting on the unique features of the NCCU IMBA, emphasizing its diverse student body and dynamic curriculum.

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Professor Jason Tsai, Director of the IMBA Program, introducing a wealth of information on the IMBA Program

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All smiles as Students and Alumni gather for IMBA Family Day Event.