IMBA-Purdue Dual Degree Programs 2023-2025 Open for Application

  • 2023-10-20
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In this first application period 2023 – 2025, a maximum of 5 IMBA students will be selected to participate in this most renowned business universities in Europe and the USA. * The other 7 partner schools will be open in January 2024.
Please read the information on IMBA Dual Degree Program website and the application procedure intently before filling out the application form.
Exchange period at partner schools: 2024 Fall – 2025 Spring (completion depending on the partner school)
Application Period: now – December 8th, 2023, 5pm (strictly implemented), at the Program Manager in IMBA Office (Yi-Xian Building Room 406)
Please NOTE:
  • All current IMBA students are welcome to apply.
  • Students who receive TaiwanICDF scholarship or Taiwan Scholarship (MOE or MOFA) are NOT eligible to apply for the DD program.
  • Because of the international focus of the Dual Degree program, students who come from the country of the partner school are not eligible for application to the corresponding DD program, but may apply to other DD programs of other varying countries.
  • Students who plan to or have applied for the Exchange Program (either college level or school level), please do not apply for the Dual Degree program. If you are found duly application, IMBA office will not nominate you to the partner school.