IMBA Alumni Homecoming and Multicultural café

  • 2018-05-11
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Gabriela Castro, vice president of IMBA Student Council, and Andrea Gonzalez, next president of IMBA Student Council, both are in charge of Multicultural cafe this and next year. Photo by IMBA.

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IMBAers are preparing for their own traditional dishes. Photo by IMBA. 

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A Mexican student sings songs. Photo by IMBA. 

by Tse Chen Chiang (江則臻) / IMBA Campus Reporter

To celebrate the 91st university anniversary, IMBA combined Multicultural café and Alumni Homecoming events together for the first time on May 4, not only to provide the opportunity for IMBA students to prepare their hometown delicacy to their classmates but also to invite the alumni to IMBA to have fun.
Being the first to combine the alumni homecoming event this year, which was a totally different way from previous experience. The office of IMBA said that with the purpose of enhancing the networking and improving the relationship between alumni and IMBAers, and increasing the additional value and impact to IMBAers, IMBA hopes to invite more alumni back to participate more events hold by IMBA.
Multicultural café is an annual important event for IMBA hold by IMBA Student Council. It invites all IMBA students to prepare their hometown delicacy and do some traditional performance. Dishes of Vietnam, Turkey, Honduras, Belize and so on were included, it made multicultural café a small World Expo. Besides, there were many talent shows performed by IMBAers, such as Mexican song singing, dancing from South American students, and etc. Moreover, student from Vietnam even dressed in Vietnam traditional clothing to participate Multicultural café.
Gabriela Castro, vice president of IMBA Student Council also the organizer of Multicultural café, hoped that IMBAers could discover the differences between different cultures. For example, as the same food, it might be cooked in various ways in different countries. She illustrates this by taking red bean for instance; red bean is cooked for salty dished in Latin while it is made for a dessert in Taiwan, even in Asia.
George, one of the alumni, was delighted that IMBAers now could have such experience of understanding each culture by various perspectives deeply. He recalled that there were few activities like this to show the diversity of each student’s culture when he was an IMBAer. It was a pity not to take advantage of the highly international NCCU IMBA then. And he also advised IMBAers that the events like Multicultural café could do a lot of favor when doing business, it would help them to build a more closing relationship with people from other countries.
Same with George, Christ, one of the alumni as well, considered that the most impressive for him was the highly international NCCCU IMBA. He remembered that there were 25 foreign students with 10 countries and 25 Taiwanese students; it was just like a small UN. Aside from that, Christ suggested IMBAers to help SME break the frame of family business and lead them stop on global stage by using their own languages skills, mobility and profession, in accordance his 20-year stay in Taiwan.
Although not being an IMBAer, Camille was invited by her friend to attend Multicultural café. She enjoyed it a lot. And she also shared that the connections between IMBAers are so strong that it is like a big family. It is completely different from Chinese Learning Center.
Andrea Gonzalez, next president of IMBA Student Council and next organizer of Multicultural café, showed her excitement and nervous and she already started to think how to attract more students to participate Multicultural café.