Welcoming IMBA 2021 Batch with Inspiring Words of New Beginnings

  • 2021-09-09
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It was Saturday morning, when all the new students gathered in the NCCU College of Commerce to commence their orientation ceremony and discover what it is like to attend one of the most recognized MBA programs in Taiwan. This semester the IMBA program is glad to have such a wide diversity of international students that, for COVID-19 related reasons, have yet to arrive in Taiwan. This day, the orientation was attended by all Taiwanese students, a few international students that already live and work in Taiwan, and international students streaming from all over the world as they prepare to travel to their new home for the next 2 years.

They started at 9:00 AM sharp, with kind & welcoming words on behalf of IMBA Director, Professor Shari Shang. Minutes later, Professor Swee-Huat Lee led the session with a flaring lecture on “Re-learning How to Learn.” This lecture helped incoming students understand that in order to be successful in their IMBA experience (and in life), they must re-think how is it that they learn, and improve on their habits by continuously managing themselves. Professor S-H Lee reminded students that, “in order to change the world, we must first change ourselves.”

Later that morning, the new students proceeded to take a group picture that will remind them of the day they joined the IMBA family. Furthermore, they received two short lectures on behalf of IMBA Administration representatives Ms. Li-Chi Ho and Ms. Jasmine Lu. These were related to the facilities around campus, the online and offline resources offered by NCCU and IMBA, career advice services, and much more useful information that will help students solve any frequently asked-for issue.
Before lunch, the class received Alumni Jim Lai, who shared an inspiring message with the new students related to how to manage work, life, and studies. Followed by Jim, student council president, Holly Chen, along with student council members shared important information related to future networking activities, school facilities, and information of interest for new students. Along with them, club leaders Irina Aguilar and Cinny Huang, presented about the Dragon Boat Club and the Oath Club. In their speech they persuaded new students to join their activities and be part of their teams.

During lunchtime, new students were joined by 2nd-year students and alumni to share a meal together, connect, and answer any questions they may have. In the words of 2020 graduate, Paul Huh, “it is inspiring to see them all so happy for this new challenge that it feels as though it was yesterday, we were in their shoes.”

Lunchtime was followed by a small reception at the IMBA Student Lounge, where students can study, relax, and meet in a casual manner. At the reception, alumni and 2nd year students shared some advice on how to navigate the program and painting a picture of how the new students’ future will look like.

On behalf of all IMBA family members, we are all excited to receive a new batch of talented professionals into our program and wish them all a fruitful IMBA experience!

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Meet our new NCCU IMBA family members

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Professor SH Lee leads a perspective change activity

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Alumnus Jim Lai shares with students the life of a full time worker and part-time student

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New students and existing students engage in discussion