The Emerging Roles and Skills of Global Talent Market and the Development of Personal Branding

  • 2019-10-24
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Another inspiring career talk was held on 19th October in the building of commerce, to benefit this incubator of future business leaders. The speaker Mr. Isaac Liang who had been currently working as the Director of Tech Division for Adecco Taiwan was invited to share some acumens about talents needed in the emerging marketplace. The Adecco Group is based in Zurich, Switzerland, is one of the world’s largest Human Resources provider and temporary staffing firm in the world, also a Fortune Global 500 company. Therefore, Isaac has a sharp vision on explaining the synergy between company and job seekers and also building personal branding.

The presentation was fruitful. He started with the cutting point about the reshaped megatrends of worldwide working environment. The factors included the geopolitical and economic uncertainty like effect of trade war between the US and China on one’s own country; how automation, AI and machine learning raised the issue of decreasing manpower; the application of digitization, big data and analytics by companies; the “gig” economy increased opportunities of freelancers, independent contractors, home office, flexible jobs and the connection among company and clients through online platform but on the other hand full-time position might be replaced; and the skills imbalances - an impact from the hovering digital trend such as the transition of offline to online marketplace.

With the change of roles, it was obviously that positions in manufacturing or factory will be gradually replaced by technology but he pointed out that the parts related to end-user interaction will still be positive. He then added the ability for complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, coordinating with others, emotional intelligence, judgement and decision making, service orientation, negotiation and cognitive flexibility were the top 10 skills required (in descending order) by future talents. “I agree automation or the use of energy will be the emerging trend and will cause a decrease in manual works.” reflected by one of the participants. She continued, “While I think conversely, robots and MIS systems still need human to control or to enter and set the initial instructions. The decision-making ability is irreplaceable. I understand after that, the robot or program could run automatically, that’s also why creativity is important to maintain one’s sustainability.” Isaac rephrased people should not treat automation and AI as a threat or replacement but complementary partner.

Second year IMBA student, Alex Chen asked about the opportunity for foreign students to stay and work in Taiwan. Isaac suggested except vacancies provided by foreign brands, there was also a rising requirement on “cultural diversity” in local companies. What an encouraging news! Another second year IMBA student, Corrie Yang shared her previous experience about changing a well-established position to a new one, e.g. from merchandising to operation. Unfortunately, after the HR reviewed her background, she was suggested to stay in the original one. According to this situation, Isaac advised internal transfer as an easier solution. He further gave more tips on smart-using the internet resources to build up personal branding. One of the useful tools was LinkedIn. People could create their profile by imagining themselves as the employers or AI in the mindset of “what kind of profile would I select”. Besides, they could refer the contents to some well-known professionals as a base of development.

Followed by the whole one and half an hour interactive presentation, networking time among the speaker and the participants continued. Thank you again for the treasured sharing by Isaac plus the great arrangement by our IMBA office. Looking forward to the next Career Talk!

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Mr. Isaac Liang encouraged everyone to plan and build up their own branding as early as possible for their future career prospect.

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Participants interactively shared the situations facing in real business world.

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After the presentation, there was time for participants to expand their network.

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It was an enjoyable and informative talk.