Potential IMBA Candidates Attend The 2021 Info Session

  • 2021-10-25
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The long-awaited Information Session provided by the IMBA for potential candidates happened this past Saturday October 23rd. Our gracious host, Mr. Howard Huang, class of 2018, made some quick opening remarks. Then, the session kicked off at 10:30 am with Professor and Acting Director, Shari Shang, making the opening remarks. She blissfully welcomed all these new potential students searching for new opportunities for professional growth.
After the short welcome, Prof. Shang presented the full spectrum of information relating to the IMBA program. Highlighting many important themes related to our program and student body. Themes like study abroad opportunities, deadlines, diversity & inclusion, social responsibility, accreditations, and much more!
Now, it was time for alumni and current students to share their experience, advice, and tips. First off was Mr. Polo Chang, class of 2015, to share his eye-opening experience as an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry in Taipei. Mr. Chang is Taiwanese, Founder of SoShow Bar, Relay Tapas, and more coming soon. He described in detail how certain courses and experiences within the IMBA program have had a great impact in his businesses’ success.
Next off was Mr. Francisco Lopez, class of 2019, to share some helpful advice on how to navigate your IMBA experience to make the best out of it. Mr. Lopez is Honduran, working as an Investment Associate at Taiwan Mobile’s Corporate Development Department. He shared advice on how to work better as a team within the courses, negotiation skills, being resourceful, creating your own community, time management, self-awareness, and team dynamics.
Followed by Ms. Holly Chen, the Taiwanese- American current Student Council President and marketeer. Ms. Holly’s presentation introduced students about what it’s like to be part of our IMBA Family. She described in detail the different student clubs, networking events, and other student activities that are handled by the Student Council.
Finally, we got to close this sharing session with a boom! The Taiwanese Ms. Rena Chen from Northland Power Inc. shared her dual-degree journey. It was full of experiences in Paris, France, anecdotes, and useful advice on how to save up, set goals, and how to prepare for this amazing opportunity offered by the IMBA.
At the very end of the session, our host Mr. Huang opened the floor for questions by the potential candidates. They asked a range of questions regarding scholarship opportunities, dual-degree, time-management, and more. After this short Q&A, potential candidates had the opportunity to chat with the presenters for a bit. This concluded a great day full of information, inspiration, and motivation!

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Figure 1 - Prof. Shari Shang kicks-off the 2021 Information Session

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Figure 2- Alumni Mr. Polo Chang Shares His Post-IMBA Entrepreneurial Journey

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Figure 3 - Alumni & Current Students Answer Questions by Potential Candidates