New blood, New events - Year 2019 IMBA Student Council

  • 2019-06-26
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Upon the public announcement in mid-April 2019, Thacha Tapaneeyakorn from Thailand and Georgina Sapien from Mexico are going to become the President and Vice-president respectively of the Year 2019 NCCU IMBA Student Council! The Hugh responsibility will be officially taken over in 1st July, 2019.
This year, the board members comprise a diversity of cultures: Charles Chen from Taiwan as VP of Internal Affairs, Alex P. Chen from Taiwan as VP of Corporate Affairs, Anastasiia Bobrova from Russia as VP of Finance and Budget, Ashton Ebenhoeh from the USA as VP of International Affairs and Sebastien Seguel from France as VP of Events and Recreation. “They are invited as one of the members according to their specialities.” said Thacha. Taiwanese members, Charles and Alex will be responsible for local-related business in terms of networking and expansion, fighting more career opportunities for IMBA students to connect with the companies. Ashton and Sebastien’s actively participation in all kinds of events helps to promote and organise new activities and parties. The intelligent Finance Anastasiia will not be only to manage the cash flows but also making financial decisions for the benefits of the Student Council and the most important: the IMBA students.
On top of delivering the Mission of the Student Council: to advocate for the best interest of the student body and provide student services which assist to promote student life, foster personal growth and development, and enhance the formal education process, they are willing to bring more practical events for the students, emphasis on networking engagement and career development. It is going to have plenty of new inputs starting from the beginning of September – the Welcoming Party and the Buddy Programme.
IMBA Buddy Programme helps students’ ice-breaking with their classmates and the second-year students. People will be assigned in to buddy groups and will perform activities together. It is helpful for the new comers to expand the social circle from a small group first as it may be their first time to interact in a multicultural environment. First year students could also have a better linkage with the senior students in order to get advices and suggestions about the programme, the subjects and gain diversification from their social circle.
Another exciting news: there will be three more NEW clubs coming under the IMBA Student Council! The Professional Well-being Club organized by Marilyn Blanco Coto from Costa Rica will work more closely with the IMBA Career Office. The club aimed to offer guidance and counselling for both foreign students to start a professional life in Taiwan and strengthen the career prospective of the local students. It will invite speakers from start-ups, entrepreneur and expat professional community to give seminars about different topics. The Inclusion and Diversity Club organized by Ashton, aimed to create inclusive environment for everyone with different backgrounds, no limit to cultural aspect, but also broadened to gender, sexual orientation, religion and others upon the emphasis on business and organization. The Dragon Club runs by Jim Lai, our Taiwanese life of the party who brings good vibes to the family, will be responsible for continuing one of the IMBA tradition: the IMBAders Dragon Boat team, working as a bridge between the coach and gathering the IMBA worriers to participate during the Dragon Boat Festival.
Last, Thacha would like to thank you the Year 2018 President Andrea and Vice-president Peace by bringing meaningful feedback and ideas after attended the Graduate Business Conference in Paris and share those rewards through discussion with the international leaders from the global business schools with him.  The feedbacks initiate their brainstorming a lot. Furthermore, upon graduation of the seniors and becoming the new Alumni, the new Student Council will hold a tighter connection with them, weaving a wider and stronger network for the existing IMBAders, fully optimize our unique international Alumni network in different industries and all around the world.
We again would like to thank you for the brilliant work from the Year 2018 IMBA Student Council and looking forward to the new clubs, new events by the upcoming one. Let’s give our full support and pro-actively participate in all events!

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Welcome! The new blood of Year 2019 Student Council.