2019 IMBA Student Welcome and Orientation Day

  • 2019-09-16
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Feeling confuse when you first arrive IMBA family? Nothing is better than joining the orientation.

On 7th September, 2019, IMBA office held an orientation to the year 2019 incoming students. It started with Li-chi Ho, the IMBA administration, providing administration report included IMBA course map, concentration awarded, class policy, waiver exams and other campus resources like meeting rooms and sports facilities. Li-chi explained and answered the inquiries from the freshmen patiently in details. She then introduced the NCCU IMBA Resource Center website, which is one of the most useful resources besides our friendly and helpful IMBA office. In the website, students could find course syllabus, community service sign forms, own community service records, details about thesis requirement, etc.

Jasmin Lu, the IMBA administration who responsible for career support service, used this chance to motivate people to update their information in the Global Talent Online Profile which helped IMBA students and alumni to create another channel to be reached by employers easily. She further presented the free-professional photo taking event and the upcoming career talks that will be held on the coming months. Also, there were many job opportunities to be released soon. She also encouraged the new comers to join student clubs and activities to develop new social network. “Don’t stay in your own circle, make friends with others.” She said.
Followed, there was an inspiring alumni sharing section by Florian Vogel, our 2017-entered student from Germany, who is now working in Taiwan after his graduation. He explained that IMBA program provide the diversification of the culture to expand his social circle. He reinvigorated IMBAers to participate in different events, exhibitions and one of our required courses: Leaders Forum to talk to different people for networking.

After the sharing section, the Year 2019 IMBA Student Council announced this year’s activities plan! The first event was held on the same date after the orientation – Elephant Mountain hiking and Taiwanese ReChao. They also recommended all IMBAers to join the next upcoming event – BBQ Welcome Party on 13th September (Saturday) which is a traditional activity for Taiwanese during Mid-Autumn Festival. Furthermore, three new clubs: The Professional Well-being Club, The Inclusion and Diversity Club and The Dragon Club also first presented themselves to public. Next, President of NCCU Oath Club, Marilyn Blanco Coto used this opportunity to explicate the aim of the club in giving back to the society and hoping our future business leaders to be socially responsible. She also introduced an outline of the coming events like hoodies & green cutlery set selling for fund raising and some chances of getting volunteer hours.

Another important event for NCCU IMBAers – the Hult Prize Competition, was presented by the Hult Prize NCCU Campus Director, Ana Victoria Herrera Correa, who participated in Year 2018 competition. She explained the requirement of the competition and shared her experience. She also encouraged all IMBAers to participate: to challenge yourself out of daily routines and come out of your comfort zone.

The IMBA office also invited three current students to share their IMBA life. Melina Kurniawan from Indonesia, was exchanged to ESCP Europe Business School in Paris during 2018 Fall Semester. Her school life, daily life, food life and travel life were full of colour. She felt it was a good chance to meet new friends, learn new culture and languages. Li-chi added, during the study in IMBA, students are allowed to exchange maximum 2 times and IMBA students get first priority to obtain the chance!

More sharing from two Taiwanese seniors, Jim Lai and Charles Chen. As they are part-time students, the tough time of balancing study and work were exhausted. They pointed out the importance of work-life balance. Maybe that’s why Jim is responsible for organising the dragon boat team this year. He encouraged people to join the training to enjoy the cultural experience. Charles then shared his Hult Prize experience and he thought he could practise what he learnt from the classes to the competition. Sounds challenging!
Chances never ended when you study in IMBA. An after-orientation tea party continued the opportunity for freshmen, seniors and alumni to connect with each other in a more relaxing atmosphere. Once again, helping hands are always available from the IMBA family. Feel free to ask and please help each other.

Useful links:
NCCU IMBA Resource Center: http://imbarc.nccu.edu.tw/
IMBA Student Council: https://www.facebook.com/NCCUSC/
NCCU Oath Club: https://www.facebook.com/NCCU.Oath.Club/
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Li-chi from IMBA office explained courses information and other NCCU resources.

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The Year 2019 IMBA Student Council presented themselves to the freshmen.

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Seniors and alumni came for experience sharing.

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IMBAers got to know each other in the after orientation tea party.