10/24 Information Session 招生說明會報名中

  • 2020-09-23
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Protect Yourself Against an Uncertain Future: Invest in Yourself with NCCU’s International MBA Program
The sudden emergence of COVID-19 disrupted the world’s existing pace of life. With its emergence, we have entered another period of great uncertainty. Investing in yourself by improving your skillset will help best position you to control your future. The National Chengchi University IMBA program brings together faculty from famous international schools as well as well-known business leaders to create an international learning environment in Taiwan, taught in English. This network of elites, as well as classmates from 25 countries, will upgrade your career competitiveness.
Industry and International Faculty Bring Real World Experience to the Classroom
One of the most important elements of an MBA program is passing on real world professional experience to students. Here in the IMBA, we bring this element. The IMBA has senior managers from world-renowned companies from various industries, including Hu Qiping, former President of Standard & Poor’s China, and Professor Li Ruihua, Vice President of Human Resources of Front-end ICPC. Dr. Xu Zhongxiang, the person in charge of Ruilian Asset Management Co., Ltd., and others, teach and share their valuable work experience and network with IMBA students. The IMBA also hires faculty from American universities Purdue and UCLA, as well as other prestigious international schools. Together with National Chengchi University’s core faculty team, the IMBA delivers a first-class international MBA experience.
Case-Based Teaching at Our Core
In partnership with the University of Western Ontario Business School (IVEY) in Canada, National Chengchi University College of Commerce’s top faculty members are developing new case studies featuring local Taiwanese corporations. These Taiwanese case studies will be marketed globally and serve as models for future textbooks documenting the rise of Asian companies. And, simultaneously, further develops the IMBA program’s understanding of the Asian management perspective.
Immersive International Environment Without Leaving the Country
The premier, English-taught IMBA program of National Chengchi University brings together high performing individuals from 25 countries around the world to create an immersive international learning environment right here in Taiwan. Through classroom exercises like simulated business competitions and presentations, the IMBA experience feels like being in a large, multinational company. Experience the impact of multiculturalism, and learn to work with people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Going forward, you will welcome globalization with confidence.
National Chengchi University’s College of Commerce is one of only a few top universities in Asia to be accredited by both AACSB and EQUIS. In 2018, we became the 65th member school to join the “Partnership in International Management (PIM),” and we are also Taiwan’s only PIM member. As a member of PIM, we are partnered with the world’s top business schools, such as the University of Chicago and New York University, allowing the world to see Taiwan’s strength in business management education.
With the on-going COVID-19 situation in Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world, staying in Taiwan to obtain your international MBA degree is an undisputed best choice. This year’s information session for what to expect when enrolling in the IMBA program is being held on October 24th on the 6th floor of the College of Commerce Building at National Chengchi University. So, register today before space runs out!


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