【 NCCU IMBA Career Seminar 】Working in Asia 2018.10.27

  • 2018-10-03
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Are you looking to start work in Asia?
Are you ready to work abroad in another country?
Working in Asia is not as same as dreaming of white sandy beaches, golden temples or skyscrapers and pollutions...
There are some pros and cons to deal with in real life.
On the 27th of Oct morning,
We invite Mr. Israel Gogol, the International Department Manager at Messe Frankfurt New Era,
he is deal with the business over the world and especially in Asia,
During the seminar, he will talk about his experience working in Asia, the industries he familiar with and jobs search,
also include a few things to think about when working in another country.
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< NCCU IMBA Career Seminar –Working in ASIA >
Speaker :
Mr. Israel Gogol
International Department Manager
Messe Frankfurt New Era
2018.10.27, Saturday
Agenda :
09:50~10:00          Welcome Reception
10:00~11:15          Working in ASIA
11:15~11:45          Q&A
Venue :
Room 201, Yi-Xian Building, NCCU (政大逸仙樓201教室)
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