Afternoon Culture Sharing Presentation at ZhaoRu Elderly Center in Wenshan District

  • 2020-01-19
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Written by Maialen Etchevers
On Thursday, January 16, 2019, the NCCU IMBA’s Oath Club organized a mini culture sharing presentation at ZhaoRu Elderly Center in Wenshan District. Six IMBA students each from six different countries participated to help create a fun afternoon for the residents of 兆如老人安養護中心 . The afternoon was filled with culture sharing from the students’ home countries as well as singing several well-known Chinese songs from Teresa Teng / 鄧麗君 and one Japanese song.
At the end of the presentation, a mini game of “Guess that Song” played and was well received by the residents. The residents each competed to raise their hands the fastest to guess the titles for “甜蜜蜜” “但願人長久” and “Sakura”. Three lucky winners won a small bag each of oranges, a popular gift to exchange among friends and acquaintances during the Lunar New Year period.

  • Marilyn Blanco (Costa Rica) recited the poem “Gracias Señor” by Arturo Benavides. This poem reflects on and gives thanks to the year that has just ended and the new year that is starting.
  • Anastasya Bobrova (Russia) recited the poem "Есть пословица: старость - не радость..." by Larisa Rubalskaya, which talks about respecting the elderly and the importance of attitude on life.
  • Alejandro Barrios (Chile) did a short showcase on the traditional clothes of his home country, sporting the clothes to help bring his presentation to life.
  • Napassorn Pinitkitjawat (Thailand) sang a popular New Year song in her country that can be found on YouTube if you search for: เพลงพรปีใหม่ เพลงพระราชนิพนธ์. For us non-Thai speakers, good luck! The song can be found on the YouTube channel “Life Channel by Kantawee”.
  • Vicky Herrera (Colombia) sang the song “Gracias a la Vida” by Violeta Parra, a song that gives thanks for all that life gives.
  • Maialen Etchevers (USA) supported the event in the role of emcee, keeping a running Chinese dialogue going to transition throughout the showcases.
At the end of the event, a small token snack was shared with each resident that joined, handed out personally one-by-one to thank the residents for joining. Finally, a group picture was taken before the residents prepared for their next activity. After the event, two residents approached the IMBA students, revealing that they actually spoke Spanish and Japanese and enjoyed the diversity of the presentation. The event was a success as many residents wore smiles on their faces during and at the end of the presentation.

This event was organized by the Oath Club, an NCCU IMBA-run club dedicated to promote and implement different activities about social responsibility and ethics. Other recent events organized by the Oath Club include fundraising for breast cancer awareness and a Green Entrepreneurship Talk. For more information on the Oath Club or fundraising opportunities, please reach out to the current club president Marilyn Blanco at

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IMBA students pose together in front of the sign for the elderly center.

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Residents and IMBA students pose together for a photo at the end of the presentation.

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After the presentation, one of the residents approached IMBA student from Chile Alejandro Barrios, sharing that he had lived in Argentina for a while and spoke some Spanish.

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At the end of the presentation, a small snack was handed out to each of the residents that came to watch.