Hult Prize Trophy Delivered in NCCU!

  • 2015-10-22
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 On October 22,the winning team of the 2015 Hult Prize returned to National Chengchi University (NCCU) to share the joy and honor with the university. Team IMPCT finished atop a field of more than 20,000 students from all over the world winning one million US dollars, which will help them further expand their project, PlayCares – a community-operated daycare franchise. Armad Ashkar, the founder and CEO of the Hult Prize, also traveled to Taiwan to celebrate with NCCU with an official awarding of the Hult Prize Trophy.

        “Returning to Taiwan was finally returning home.” Taylor Scobbie, a member of the IMPCT team, commented. In the past three months, the IMPCT team had travelled all over the world, working on their business model to improve education in urban slums. Taylor Scobbie thanked NCCU for the assistance along this long and exciting journey. Last year, he was not familiar with early childhood education and was invited by team member Juan Diego Prudot of Honduras to compete in the Hult Prize. “This came out to be a lucky mistake.” Taylor commented.

       Chen An-nung, the only team member from Taiwan, was honored to bring the champion title back to her home country. She stated that IMPCT had been planning to launch a PlayCare in Wufeng township, Hsinchu county, Taiwan, hoping to solve early education problems in aboriginal tribes. Although IMPCT has successfully established a PlayCare center in El Salvador, Taiwan is a completely new environment. “The IMPCT team is committed to overcome any obstacles that we might face in the future,” An-nung stated.

       The chairwomen of Taipei 101, Christina Sung, shared that she is very willing to promote this project. Taiwan ICDF Deputy Secretary General, Pai-po Lee, also stated that he would offer assistance to help improve early education problems in Taiwan. Chen Hui Xun, who has been engaged in aboriginal education for many years, was very grateful for the help of IMPCT. She hoped people could better understand the situation of early education in aboriginal tribes.

        Edward Chou, president of NCCU, praised IMPCT for their determination and believes that their business model will improve the state of early childhood education throughout the world. Kwei Tang, college of commerce dean, stated, “The beginning has just started.” encouraging IMPCT to work harder in the future and truly make an impact on the world.