2019 NTU GMBA x NCCU IMBA Networking Night - “It’s NOT about what you know, it’s about WHO you know!”

  • 2019-12-03
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As the slogan mentioned on the headline – “It’s NOT about what you know, it’s about WHO you know!”, applies on everyone in any industry, but especially important for MBA students. One simple example is job searching and changing. A stronger and wider network connections fasten the job matching time, receive better information or knowledge through one’s network and sometimes unexpected helps will be given. Therefore, networking is always the best tools to reach people from one’s professional industry or even expand to other industry. According to the IMBA Student Council, “well-connected people are the most successful”. Networking event is an avenue of opportunities to help oneself being top of mind from others, increase the possibility of receiving introductions. It is also a good chance to build confidence by being in a positive spot during interaction and developing a long-lasting relationship with high profile individuals from the same career path as support. Who is willing to take the risk of losing this precious chance of becoming success?

That is why in this year, networking night is again one of the most important events being co-organized by the NCCU IMBA and NTU GMBA student councils. In addition, IMBA Student Council offered a new business card service for all students, helping attendees to be more well-prepared and not being missed any chance to formally introduce yourself with the stylish and professional business card, printed with NCCU IMBA logo! Besides, small tips of the event were given by the Student Council – dress to impress and wear a smile for a good first impression.

The event was held on 23rd November, a relaxing Saturday evening in a nice decorated tent located in Maji Square. Finger food including pizzas, chips, cookies, cakes and cold beers were served. Upon arrival, participants were randomly arranged into 8 tables, mixing with both IMBA and GMBA students. No need to worry about being too shy to make the first conversation. The student councils were very thoughtful. Every attendee got a piece of paper with a name written on it when they arrived the venue. Thus, it was a good beginning to build the first connection with that one person first, and then extended the network afterward. Take it easy and being open-minded to share experience or a casual introduction. It was just a start.

Around 7pm, people were settled according to their own table number and board game started. Each group in a table needed to think about two things that were true in common and one thing that “sounded true” but actually a lie in common and later to be presented to other groups for a guess of the one lie. The prize was attractive – a bottle of nice red wine would be rewarded to the team with the highest number of correct guesses! “All people in my table speak more than 6 different languages…”. “Half of our group come from business background…”. “All of our teammates can speak Chinese…” That was very difficult to guess as both GMBA and IMBA students came from countries all around the world and all of them were business elites. People discussed excitingly and the harmony atmosphere broke the ice between teammate. Dialogs were easier to be made. 
LinkedIn was one of the useful means to keep contact with and to be contacted by future employers or employees. At the same time, let your potential business partners to have a clearer picture about your profession and education background. Therefore, the next activity was all about connection. Within a given time frame, the person who collect the greatest number of new LinkedIn connections won another nice bottle of red wine! Participants could take this chance to spread their contacts and enriched their contact list, increased the present to different opportunities.
Happy moment last faster than you think. Around 9:30pm, the event was almost to an end but the connection you made from the networking night will continue. Once again, another successful activity presented by the IMBA Student Council. Please stay tuned for the upcoming events!

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Participants were expanding their social network in a relaxing atmosphere with delicious food and drinks.

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MC of the night! Chiong Wei from NTU GMBA (left) and Gina from NCCU IMBA (right). They have done a good job!

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The networking night ended with cheers and new connection made.

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Thank you so much Student Council for organising this valuable event!