【Part-Time Job Opportunity】AMBOSS Germany Brand Representative

  • 2020-01-15
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AMBOSS Germany Brand Representative

▶Frequency:Once( 8 hours) in Feb. ~ Jun. (date & time to be confirmed)
(If we have smooth cooperation, we hope you continue doing this job)
▶Place:Taiwan or China
▶Job Responsibility:

  1. Attend dealers’events and exhibitions: brand and product introduction
  2. Brand Image: taking photos with dealer representatives
  3. FAQ
▶Qualifications:German in Taiwan
▶Required Documents
  1. Resume
  2. Self-introduction video (about 30 seconds)
  1. Before attending the marketing events, there will be educational training on brand products and Q & A
  2. You can learn the importance of brand in corporate marketing and the business interactions
  3. The salary is in compliance with the Labor Law, but the detailed amount needs to be confirmed by interview
If you have any questions or want to submit your resume,
Feel free to contact Ms. Chen Ruby (02) 2721-9068 and brand@cbbic.com
Chic Business & Brand Inc. http://cbbic.com/

AMBOSS安德寶 德國品牌代表1名


  1. 出席經銷會及展覽:品牌及產品介紹
  2. 形象露出:與經銷商代表拍照
  3. 簡單回答經銷商問題:常見問題的回答
  1. 履歷
  2. 自我介紹影片30秒
  1. 在正式出席活動前,會有品牌產品及問答的教育訓練
  2. 學習企業行銷中品牌的重要性,以及商業上人與人之間的交流互動
  3. 薪資符合勞基法,但詳細金額需面談確認
歡迎隨時聯繫陳小姐 Ruby (02)2721-9068及brand@cbbic.com

麒策品牌顧問有限公司 http://cbbic.com/