【Job Opportunity】Job Opportunity at Pamir Law Group, Taipei

  • 2018-07-03
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Digital Marketing Coordinator
Job Description
The Digital Marketing Coordinator’s role is to develop and implement Pamir Law Group’s digital marketing strategy across China, Taiwan and International (Western) markets. The DMC will work with PLG leadership, the internal team and outside vendors to operate a cohesive marketing platform that drives business development and generates revenue with a focus on consumer-facing services. The DMC’s responsibilities will encompass:
(1) Overall marketing strategy and messaging development
(2) Building and maintaining a strong, well-respected, long term web presence for PLG
(3) Social Media, Search, and Content Marketing – campaign development and execution
(4) Analysis, evaluation of, and reporting on campaign data
About Pamir
Pamir Law Group provides international business and legal advisory services in Asia with offices in Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing. Pamir has a long track record of successfully supporting clients to achieve their goals in a broad range of industries in the PRC and Taiwan.

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