【Job Opportunity】Job Opportunities at AVerMedia, Taipei

  • 2021-08-17
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Job Opportunities at AVerMedia, Taipei
Job Title:
1. Content Marketer/Copywriter
2. Product Marketing Manager
3. Digital Campaign Specialist/Paid Media Strategist
Creative Content Writer / Digital Copywriting
5. Digital Marketing Data Analyst
6. E-Commerce Customer Service Staff

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Job Description: 
Content Marketer/Copywriter
  • As a B2B content marketer, candidates are expected to develop highly engaging marketing content that promote AVerAI.
  • Content will include, but not limited to, blogs, guides, case studies, product pages, video scripts, etc.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English and should have prior writing and editing experience. Ideally, they must also be flexible enough to adjust their writing style according to the needs of the company, be receptive to feedback, and demonstrate trustworthiness and a willingness to acquire new technical knowledge.
  • Applicants with published work are highly encouraged to include links or attachments of 3-5 English writing samples for review.
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2. Product Marketing Manager
  • Research and understand the buyer's journey/pain points and potentially visit customers to uncover these details
  • Manage and develop sales enablement assets such as sales decks, data sheets, brochures, etc.
  • Create online content that are focused on driving traffic, building awareness, creating leads, etc
  • Work closely with PM team to understand product specs and roadmap
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3. Digital Campaign Specialist/Paid Media Strategist
  • Develops, optimizes, and manages paid media campaigns to maximize impact and effectiveness
  • Create comprehensive media plans and strategies with the RACE digital marketing journey (reach, act, engage and convert).
  • Identify ways to maximize and leverage advertising with social, media relations, digital, direct, experiential and other forms of marketing
  • Collaborate with team members and internal/external agencies to implement campaigns end-to-end (project brief through execution)
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4. C
reative Content Writer / Digital Copywriting
  • Assist with an annual and quarterly corporate brand content calendar including at least one quarterly campaign, one weekly blog article, and 2-3 social media posts per week, among other ongoing necessary written pieces, including campaign landing pages, eCommerce product listing, eNewsletter, B2B customer success stories, whitepapers, buyer's guide, etc.
  • Research industry-related topics (combining online sources with SEO and social listening tools, interviews, questionnaires, and professional studies)
  • Write clear marketing copy to promote our products/services with an emotional or story-telling approach
  • Proofread and edit all content before publication
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5. Digital Marketing Data Analyst
  • Develop data records management processes and policies 
  • Identify areas to increase efficiency and automation of processes
  • Set up and maintain automated data processes
  • Identify, evaluate and implement external services and tools to support data validation and cleansing
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6. E-Commerce Customer Service Staff
  • 每日訂單處理,協助聯絡客人、追蹤目前訂單進度與聯絡配送車趟。
  • 網路平台後台系統操作。
  • 處理客服、客訴等案件。
  • 電子產品評論分析,管理
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Company Introduction:
AVerMedia Technologies provides cutting-edge audio and video peripherals and professional capturing, streaming, embedded vision solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual products. As a Taiwanese company, AVerMedia prides itself on decades of designing and manufacturing excellent products locally.
Since its humble beginnings, AVerMedia Technologies has pushed for the innovation of communication and entertainment. AVerMedia remains deeply committed to corporate social responsibility on a global scale. This encompasses not only its focus on business development and sustenance but also the importance of social responsibility.

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