【Job Opportunity】Executive assistant / Business Operation MT/ Production Management Assistant @ Honchuan Group, Taichung

  • 2022-02-23
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Taiwan Honchuan Group (宏全集團) Stock code: 9939. TW
The biggest drinks package and bottle production company in Taiwan. Its ambition is the world ’s largest bottle producer. Based in Taichung, and expanded its overseas bases in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and especially Indonesia this year. Check online for more  https://www.honchuan.com/en
Full-time careers are listed
  1. Executive assistant to GM / sales MT
  2. Business Operation MT
    (especially for future GM in southeast Asian branches)
  1. Production Management Assistant
    (willing to be trained to be potential regional plant manager in the future)
For Taiwanese citizen,
Trained on Taiwan headquarter first, then assigned to southeast Asian branch.
For non-Taiwanese citizen,
Trained on southeastern Asian branch.
Fluent English is a must (TOEIC 800 or equivalent)
Mandarin (Good Mandarin is a plus)