【Job Opportunity】Digital Marketing Communications Professional  @ Noodoe

  • 2020-12-15
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【Job Opportunity】Digital Marketing Communications Professional  @ Noodoe, Taipei

Please send your CV/Resume to Ms. Cheryl Lee cheryllee@noodoe.com
This position is to develop communication assets to help the company strengthen the global marketing outreach and close sales. Daily responsibilities include:
1. Develop marketing copy for website, DMs, videos, pitch emails, social media channels.
2. Plan and execute email outreach campaigns.
3. Plan and execute webinar campaigns.
4. Analyze and set strategy for optimizing our marketing outreach initiatives.
5. Participate in project pitches and presentations to individual customers and larger audiences.
1. Excellent written and oral English communication skills.
2. Comfortable working with and learning how to use marketing tools such as: business intelligence tools, mail marketing tools, CRM, web content management.
3. Social media development experience for a b2b enterprise a plus.
4. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
5. A record of creative problem solving.
6. Enthusiasm for helping transition the world towards zero-emission transportation.

* full time position, open to part time to start.

About Noodoe EV — https://www.noodoe.com/
Noodoe EV OS Intro — https://youtu.be/mUNq4Umy64U
Noodoe EV charging experience — https://youtu.be/KT7d4XWfg7g

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