【Internship Opportunity】Intern Program @ Cino Group, Taipei

  • 2021-11-08
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【Internship Opportunity】Intern Program @ Cino Group, Taipei
Please send CV to Mr. Chen at kurt_chen@cino.com.tw or submit your CV via https://www.104.com.tw/company/agajo2o

Intern Program:

1. Business Development Intern
Job description:
  • Discover and target new customers and opportunities via various approaches
  • Fast and Interactive communication via e-mail, cold-call, social media
  • Passionate about closing deals under pressure and in a high pace environment
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills (oral and written)
  • Able to process information quickly and generate concrete proposal
  • Capable to work effectively and independently
  • Proficient in English and 2nd major language is preferred
  • At least 20-24 hours / week, preferably 3-4 days /week, long term intern welcome
Skills and Qualities
  • having good business sense, commercial character and sales oriented
  • creative thinking , entrepreneurial mindset and desires
  • have a rigorous and systematic organization for multiple task handling.
  • Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to learn about new industries
2. Product Management Intern
Job description:
  • 市場產品相關資訊收集彙整及分析。
  • 協助產品商品化及專案管理相關工作。
  • 協助全球產品行銷相關工作。
  • 有機會參與行銷全球產品規劃。
  • 每周工作時數最少 20~24hrs3.5~4天尤佳。
3. Digital Marketing Intern
Job description:
  • 品牌行銷管理。
  • 行銷活動執行。
  • 熟悉電子商務操作。
  • 每周工作時數最少 20~24hrs3.5~4天尤佳。

Cino Grup Taiwan, No.1 barcode scanner manufacturer Taiwan, is looking for Interns,
Welcome to share the job information with your friends.

Founded in 1988 as PC Worth International Co. Ltd. and a member of Cino Group,
Cino is one of the global leaders in automatic identification and data capture, machine vision, and information and industrial automation.
With our exclusive core technology and expertise in the areas of intelligent vision analysis, advanced optics design, image processing, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence,
Cino offers a comprehensive line of scanning, mobility, and automation equipment across wide-ranging industries.

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