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  • 2018-05-31
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2018 Uni-Talent Program
Investment Department, Apply On-line* https://hr.pec.com.tw/login.aspx
¤ Date for Application
2018.05.31 ~ 2018.09.09 17:00
¤ Selection Process
1. Preliminary Review – Please fill in on-line application before 2018.09.09
2. Secondary Review – Interview invitation to be sent out before 2018.9.28
3. Date for Admission – In the mid-October, 2018
¤ Working time
Stage 1  2018.10 - 2019.02 (4 months)
Stage 2  2019.03 - 2109.06 (4 months)
¤ Working Content
Stage 1
Working out two industrial research reports with the Manager via email, face to face or con-call meeting.  
Stage 2
If Stage 1 qualified; working 8 hours per week in the company, and participating in assigned projects and related meetings.
¤ Scholarship
Stage 1
NT$6,000 per month (total NT$24,000 for 4 months)
Stage 2
NT$18,000 per month (total NT$72,000 for 4 months)
Please refer attachment for more detail 107年度統一企業投資人才獎助計畫甄選辦法

Working at Uni-President Enterprises
Uni-President Enterprises provides a multinational industrial platform within the group to assist students in the practice of industry analysis, investment, and mergers and acquisitions, and integrates with what they learn on campus in order to foster investment and mergers and acquisitions professionals.
About Uni-President Enterprises
Uni-President Enterprises Corp.’s Management Philosophy Integrity, Diligence, Innovation, and Progress to the Future”
Good quality, Good credibility,Good services and Fair price are the quintessential management philosophy of Uni-President, and it has become cornerstone of Uni-President Enterprises Corp.
Uni-President Enterprises Corporation embodies the management philosophy of Integrity, Diligence, Innovation, and Progress to the Future.

* For foreigners
1.Foreigners without a ROC ID number cannot be registered. Please provide the personal information and mail to the Registration Management.
2.Personal Information: English Name, Nationality, Passport ID, Email Address, and Phone Number.
3.Mail your personal information to hr@mail.pec.com.tw.
4.While you sent the information above to hr@mail.pec.com.tw means we have your consent about personal information notifications.
5.After registration, the notification with login ID and password will be sent by e-mail automatically. For your first login, please remember to change the password.
Looking forward to your participation.

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