Runivore, a business founded by IMBA Graduates, brings superfoods to runners throughout Taiwan

  • 2015-03-05
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This is an imageBy combining their passion for running with their interest in starting up their own company, NCCU IMBA graduates Tom Hasinski and Andy Dickinson partnered with Will Teng to launch Runivore, a company dedicated to providing nutritious food products at an affordable price, specifically to runners in Taiwan. Having studied in the IMBA program, Tom and Andy highly value the knowledge and lessons gained from
the program and continue to apply them in the day-to-day operations of their business.

In addition to meeting many people from all over the world, the IMBA program also had distinguished faculty and courses that helped Tom and Andy gain a financial perspective and better position themselves for their future careers. Near the end of 2013, Andy, Tom and Will began to plan what would become Runivore, starting with the idea of bringing healthy foods to Taiwan and gradually steering closer to the needs of runners. While they were learning as they went along, in terms of sourcing, licensing, and regulations, they found it very helpful that they had taken IMBA courses in investment and profit models. In particular, helping them create a profitable and sustainable business where they could help people lead happier and more meaningful lives.

Eat superfoods and run, the motto of Runivore, fully embodies the business of providing essential nutrients to runners who are fueling up for races or training sessions. Their main product, Chia Seeds, is loaded with carbohydrates, protein, fiber, omega-3, and plenty of other nutrients runners need. Moreover, Runivore has catered to the needs of runners on race day, presenting the “Chia on a Date Superfood Bar”, an energy bar that is tasty, healthy, and powerful.

Although it has been hard getting exposure and credibility, they continue to market their products with the limited resources they have. In the past, Runivore has partnered with many marathons and runs throughout Taiwan, handing out their signature products to participants. This April 5th, Runivore will be co-hosting a 12km trail run and 9km run-hike with Taiwan Beast runners, an organization of elite runners in Taiwan. This “Explore Your Backyard” event will allow participants to enjoy stunning views of Taipei that often go unseen among many locals. 

With a love for running, Tom, Andy and Will saw the big lack in market for runner nutrition and they took the jump into starting their own business to bring healthy products to communities throughout Taiwan. Andy mentioned that in starting your own business you have to just take the jump and not let fear limit your potential. Similarly, Tom highlighted that life is short and others who want to start up their own business should just do it, because as long as you are doing something you believe is meaningful, you will derive greater satisfaction through it all.

The deadline to register for “Explore Your Backyard” is March 25th, so be sure to register soon!  Website:

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