IMBA Alumni Association Hosts 2nd Annual Wine Tasting

  • 2015-10-02
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On October 2, the IMBA Alumni Association hosted the 2nd Annual Wine Tasting event for both Alumni and current students to attend. Guests were invited to APACC (Asia Pacific Alliance Culture and Creativity) in Taipei City to enjoy a selection of wine and learn from presentations made by wine experts. In addition to being a networking and social event, the IMBA family also took this opportunity to celebrate the recent victory of IMPCT (the IMBA team) at the Hult Prize Finals in New York.

After months of preparation, Nicky Hsieh, Manuel Sieber, and Albert Lin successfully coordinated and hosted this event for over 30 attendees. By keeping close connections with the Alumni Association and their fellow graduates, it was the perfect occasion to reconnect and meet new people. IMBA Director Samuel Chen also attended to share his experience and thoughts on the recent achievements of the IMBA team competing in the 2015 Hult Prize Finals. Having only returned to Taiwan a few days earlier, he highlighted the significance of supporting and promoting the program on a global platform.  He shared exciting news that the CEO of the Hult Prize Foundation, Ahmad Ashkar, will be visiting National Chengchi University later this month and there will be a large press event to highlight the recent success story.

Following Director Samuel Chen’s presentation, wine expert Tom Chen shared how to get good wine from Costco and other stores located in Taiwan. He stated that: “as one of the world’s largest wine retailers, Costco has a committee that carefully screens and selects the wine they sell in stores. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to buy bad wine from Costco”. Following Tom Chen’s presentation, Professor Lynn Y.S. Lin shared details on his past experiences tasting top-of-the-class wine in Bordeaux and Sancerre. All attendees were very intrigued by his unique experiences and thorough knowledge on the various types of wine.

All attendees had great reviews of the event and enjoyed this networking and social atmosphere, that not only offered food and fun, but also was very educative. One of the attendees Eric Lin, from Class of 2003, appreciated the opportunity to reconnect with old classmates and welcome new students into the program. The IMBA Alumni Association hopes to continue this annual tradition and host other events that grow and strengthen the Alumni network that continues to bridge throughout the world.