【Alumni Note】Mr. Takehiro Kamiyama, 2009-entered Alumni

  • 2018-11-02
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Mr. Takehiro Kamiyama , 2009-entered Alumni, he studied in IMBA program while working at Formosa Asahi Spandex in Taiwan since IMBA lectures are arranged at weekday nights and on weekends.

He was so impressed with the faculty inspiration.
Every faculty was so kind and had good experience. They taught him fundamentals, and how to modify it in his position. Also he learned Marketing, branding, financial fundamentals, and human resource development and how raise motivation; especially, about sustainable issue, ecology, ethical and so on. Then he was interested in them and try to solute such problem in his position.

Further, he implemented the theoretical to practical both in Taiwan and in Japan. He made sales strategy and implemented by analyzing market situation of 5 forces, and setting up target of profit rate, and then making customers portfolio. Also, trying to get more profit , high reputation in the market and making future strategy of branding and promotion.

Kamiyama san has been working hard and very organized all the time. He encourages IMBAers to try the things which learn in IMBA and, of course, will face success and failure. However we will know what is the points of results, then will challenge again better ways.


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