【Alumni Note】Mr. Richard DeVries, 2007-entered alumni

  • 2018-12-27
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Mr. Richard DeVries, 2007-entered alumni, he was a B to B sales in a traditional industry in Canada. He moved to Taiwan because he desired to see something different and worked in a consulting company when first come to Taiwan. A couple of years later, he built up his own business - Geber Brand Consulting 格博品牌行銷顧問有限公司, a Taiwan's leading brand internationalization agency.

With over 20 years of consulting and sales experience, Richard provides brand consulting to companies looking to go international or enter Greater China by localizing their strategy. Unlike the great success now, it was a slow going in the very beginning, Richard started with working as a freelance, going through the obstacle of getting clients and found out that he needed to know more about how to manage a business, how to work with people...

“The major benefit from IMBA program is opening my mind and putting me in a spot to learn more" as Richard keened to learn more about management, he decided to take IMBA program instead of learning on-line or reading books on his own. The interaction during the lectures with Professors and fellows were not only bringing him the knowledge of management, he also learnt to work with people from different countries, cultures and the way they are thinking. IMBA students come from around the world, it really helps when working with clients from other countries; and then, he realized the connections are also one of the benefits of studying in IMBA program. The connections are extending via IMBA family with Richard and his Geber to the world.

Nowadays, Geber Brand Consulting is one of the leading e-marketing and social marketing agencies in Greater China area. Richard is planning to branch out his business in Asia and North America. We are looking forward to meeting Richard in his new office, maybe in Shanghai or Toronto, in the near future.

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