【Alumni Note】Mr. Kim Mạnh Tuấn, 2013-entered Alumni

  • 2018-11-08
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Mr. Kim Mạnh Tuấn, 2013-entered Alumni, is promoted as the Deputy Chief of the Office of National Academy of Education Management - Vietnam MOET last week; he is also the Head of the Office of NAEM's Enhancing Teacher Education Program. 

Mr. Kim has been constantly studying, cultivating and developing professionally to complete the mission of the Department. "Being promoted to the very first leadership position is just small step but very important one in my career!” he said modestly.

He also mentioned ”Studying IMBA at National Chengchi University was a life-changing experience to me; All knowledge and skills that I accumulated from IMBA program at NCCU are now paying off”

Last but not least, he has one message to all Vietnamese students at NCCU: “You can learn so much from every single person that you meet at NCCU in general and IMBA program in particular, it’s really up to you to learn more or less! Please, keep faith in what you are doing because you are already lucky to be at NCCU!” 

We are glad to share Mr. Kim's good news with IMBA Family. Congratulations~!! 
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