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Program Design

The IMBA program is designed to provide convenience, flexibility, and diversity to a wide range of professionals and academics seeking business education. Our extensive list of courses and flexible hours allows candidates to manage their academic workloads and personal schedules while also accommodating their careers and future outlooks.

All courses have been designed around the unique culture and outlook of the IMBA program. We utilize case studies, problem-based learning, study camps and group projects, to facilitate learning. While the workload is demanding, students will definitely be ready to cope with business challenges on the global stage upon graduation.

IMBA students are required to complete a minimum of 42 credits to graduate. The program is flexible yet adequate to accommodate students’ schedules in order to fulfill all graduation requirements within 1.5-2 years. Some students may choose to have a more relaxed pace so the program allows up to 4 years for completion of all studies.


Candidates have the option of either pursuing a General MBA or a Specialized MBA in one of four concentrations: Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Management in Asia or Marketing. Students will need to complete a predetermined number of elective courses listed in their relevant concentration to graduate with a specialization.


IMBA candidates are given the opportunity to strengthen their managerial skills and gain hands-on working experience through internships with local or foreign enterprises. These internships build students' industry knowledge and confidence to work on the world stage.

Field Trips

Faculty-guided tours in corporate Taiwan and in other Asian countries enable IMBA candidates to learn first-hand from business professionals. IMBA offers several course-led field trips each academic year.

Core Values

Incoming IMBA students are indoctrinated to the core values of the IMBA program through a dynamic and interactive orientation camp entitled the Leadership and Team Building course. LTB organizes students into small functional groups where their abilities to recognize the centrality of teamwork and leadership in the context of individual and organizational effectiveness are promoted. This addition to the IMBA curricula allows a deeper appreciation for leadership, re-enforcing corporate responsibility principles in the changing landscape of business dynamics.

Community Service

In order to fully appreciate the local culture of Taiwan, all IMBA students are required to complete a minimum of 45 hours of community service. This activity aims to instill a sense of mission, service, and professionalism in hopes that IMBA candidates are able to gain a full appreciation of what it means to be a global citizen and give back to the larger society.

Continuing Education Opportunities

In addition to offering excellent business courses within the program, the IMBA offers an integrated system of continuing education with the facilities and resources of NCCUC. The program allows graduates to enroll in selected courses within the program upon their request.

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