NCCU IMBA Team Competes in the 2015 Dragon Boat Race on Duanwu Festival

  • 2015-06-23
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Spirits were high and hearts were united as contestants rowed their paddles to the beat of the drum. The annual Dragon Boat Race was held on June 20th on the Breeze Canal, located in New Taipei City. This year, a total of 100 teams competed and among these teams were Taiwanese aborigines as well as participants from 24 different countries. Since 2001, the IMBA team has taken part in this tradition and this year was no exception. This event serves as a great opportunity for students to strengthen the bond between one another.

In comparison to the past, the Dragon Boat Race was held on the Breeze Canal this year. Lush green grass covered the area on either side of the canal and the clear water glistened under the sunlight. At eight o’clock sharp, a “bang” rang through the air, marking the beginning of this year’s Dragon Boat Race. Ripples ran throughout the once calm waters, as oars cut through the surface of the water. The teams rowed in unison to the beat of the drummer, standing at the head of the boat, shouting the team slogan out loud to boost morale. As the leading boat approached the finish line, the flag puller at the head of the dragon boat reached out and pulled the flag from the buoy to win the race. The winning team burst into loud cheers, celebrating this memorable moment with all of those present.

The IMBA team gathered at approximately 11:40am, confident and eager to start their first race. Anais Nedjar says she was very excited and couldn’t wait to experience this Taiwanese tradition. The starter fired the pistol and the race began! Although the team was up to a slow start, they gradually found their rhythm and caught up with the boat ahead of them. The team captain and also the flag puller, Robert Sun, cheered his team on with his exuberance and strong voice. The boat propelled forward with full speed, and as Robert turned around to grab the flag, he lost his balance and plunged into the water! The unexpected incident caused the team to lose some speed and coordination. In the end, the IMBA team finished with an impressing time of 3:15. Henry Chang commented that “Robert falling into the water motivated the team to row harder and harder.” The second round took place at 3:40 PM and the IMBA team finished with a time of 3:02, breaking the previous record.

IMBA director Samuel Chen notes that the Dragon Boat Race was a great opportunity to strengthen the connection between IMBA students. Participating in the Dragon Boat Race is not only about winning the competition, but also about working as a team and having a great time with each other. The cultural diversity present in the IMBA team is very unique and the unwavering bond that they have now built is what makes the team truly unique.
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Big smiles from the IMBA team after competing in the annual Dragon Boat Race 
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The IMBA Team rows in unison as team leader, Robert Sun, motivates everyone to push onward