New Generation Leaders – NCCU IMBA Creating Influential Powers of the Future

Team IMPCT, consisting of NCCU IMBA students, became champions of the 2015 Hult Prize Competition and received 1,000,000 USD in funding. Want to follow after the footsteps of IMPCT and cultivate your international background in Taiwan? Joining NCCU IMBA program provides a great learning environment and faculty, where you will not have to give up your job but will still be able to create your own “Impact”, becoming an influential leader in the new generation.

International Faculty-Selection of an Elite Team of Faculty
NCCU IMBA has International Professors from Purdue, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and other notable universities. In addition, the program invites Executive Managers from global corporations that are industry leaders, including former TSMC Human Resources Vice President Professor Li Ruihua, former president of Standard and Poor’s Chinese sector, Professor Qi-Ping Hu. All of who have many years of experience in different industries and are able to share the valuable lessons learned with IMBA students.

Multiple Degrees-Receive a Taiwan-Germany/Taiwan-France Dual Degree in Two Years
NCCU IMBA is a leader among business schools in Taiwan, having already signed dual degree programs with Leipzig Graduate School of Management, University of Mannheim Business School, ESCP Europe, IESEG, and Audencia Nantes School of Management. In two years, paying the NCCU tuition fee, students can receive a Taiwan-France or Taiwan-Germany dual masters degree. Also, while studying in the IMBA program, every student has two opportunities to go on exchange, selecting from 35 different countries and over 100 world famous business schools.

People-Global Alumni Network
A solid network of people often ends up being the key to a success or failure. Since its establishment, NCCU IMBA now has over 500 alumni situated all over the world. The distinguished alumni play a crucial role in today’s business management platform. Through the hard work of our faculty and network of alumni, all students can easily find like-minded business partners and make extraordinary achievements in their future careers.

Asian Perspective-Grasping the Essence of the Business Environment in Asia
As the emerging nations of the Asia Pacific become more prevalent, not only are Asian students choosing to stay in their home countries, but there is also a surge of students coming from all parts of the world to pursue MBA degrees in Asia. Taiwan is located at the forefront of entering the China market, retaining the Chinese culture and integrating Western ideas and ways of thinking. NCCU College of Commerce utilizes these unique areas of Taiwan and collaboratively writes bilingual case studies with the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. Through the Harvard and Ivey Case Study Distribution Network, these case studies have become widely used teaching materials.

Cultural Diversity-Bringing Together Students from over 5 continents and 35 countries
Since the establishment of NCCU IMBA, the goal has been to bring about globalization in Taiwan. Every year, 50% of the students are international students coming from five different continents and over 35 different countries, transforming the IMBA classroom into a small global community. This environment allows students to share their unique perspectives and engage in cultural exchange, which is very important in today’s globalized business environment.

Two International Accreditations -Recognition from Dual International Accreditations
NCCU IMBA is the only business school in Taiwan with international accreditations of AACSB (US) and EQUIS (Europe), constituting to the few elite universities in the world who have received both accreditations after meeting a set of strict standards of these international organizations. In addition, NCCU IMBA has received reaccreditations with excellent performance over the years.

NCCU IMBA 2016 admission will begin accepting applications in December. This year it is utilizing a recommendation process and only a written application and oral interview are needed, in addition to 2 years of work experience.

The one and only Information Session will be held on November 14, 2015, on the 6th Floor of the Commerce Building, National Chengchi University. We welcome all individuals who would like to secure a position early on to attend and learn more about the strengths of this program, the international faculty and the diverse course design.