III startups' Internship Fair - Talent Matching for IMBA Students

  • 2016-12-15
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To bridge the boundaries between classroom theory and real-life practice, IMBA office has been leveraging abundant opportunities for students to explore diverse business activities. On Monday, December 12, 2016, IMBA’s Director Shari Shang led students to Startups’ Internship Fair by III's IDEAS (資策會創新應用服務研究所), in which 11 startups shared their business ideas and exchanged talks with IMBA students about the potential collaboration opportunities.

Many of Taiwanese startups aspire to go global, and IMBA talents, with their diverse background and home country perspectives, could make ideal candidates for supporting the development of their global footprint. In the event, a myriad of marvelous ideas were presented, ranging from applying AR/VR to learning (ARdigitC) to smart portable device for calling for help (Mr. Help). One company aroused discussions of cultural difference in particular. Dinngo is created to help users split their payments in a fun, social and easy way. A Guatemalan student was excited about the idea and said that was really convenient and exactly what she needed. On the contrary, a Thai student thought that it would be absurd and deemed impolite if you send the bill information through app to your friends, indicating you are eager to collect money. In addition, paying for an app is not a popular idea in the Thai market either. Through the dynamic exchanges, both startups and students learned how the current inconveniences could be solved through innovative approaches while bearing the cultural context in mind.

Furthermore, some students were inspired to learn that they could be entrepreneurs someday as well. One Vietnamese student said that she was amused by Taiwan’s burgeoning entrepreneurship and learned that a foreigner could start a company on this island as well when she met entrepreneurs from India and Mexico in the fair.

This event was under the sponsorship of the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which has been dedicated in fostering a strong bond between Taiwanese startups and international talents. Through the exchanges, all participants looked forward to developing practical collaboration or partnership to nurture the growth of each other.

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