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Recruiter Resources

Find the ideal candidates for your organization!

Advertising Your Recruiting Events 

If you are hosting events to raise student awareness about the benefits of working at your firm, please feel free to inform us at We will post them on the bulletin and send them through IMBA's e-posts, and inform you as feedbacks had been given. Or you can promote your recruiting events through the NCCU recruiting festival.

The NCCU recruiting festival is a series of guest speakers and company presentations held annually to help students validate their interests and find the best career fit. Each year, different industries are presented in order to respond to the varying needs and interests of the student population.

If you are interested, please visit for more information.


Student Organization Contacts

The IMBA Student Council is the main student organization of IMBA. It has been playing an excellent role in assisting our students, and has held various successful events for years. Contact with IMBA Student Council, please email at