2015 IMBA Leadership and Team Building Workshop

  • 2015-09-01
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        Students were filled with energy, ready to start their exciting year in the IMBA program. On August 29 and 30, a total of 56 students from 22 different countries participated in their first course of the academic year: Leadership and Team Building, which was held at the Shangrila Hotel in Yi-Lan. The main purpose of this course was to help students understand the importance of leadership, creativity, and team building within the business environment. This course required students to actively participate in many group activities and discussions.

        The IMBA program offered by National Chengchi University's College of Commerce has a specific focus on cross-cultural understanding, with a student body that consists of half local and half international students. Dr. Wu Jing-Jyi, honorary professor in Educational Psychology, and Dale Albanese, an expert in creative education carefully designed and planned many activities to not only enhance students’ knowledge on leadership and team building, but also to help students build a close connection with their fellow classmates.

         In the SWOT analysis conducted on different countries, students formed groups to share their perspectives and outlooks on their home country and sometimes, foreign countries. Through this activity, students developed a more global perspective and recognized where each country stands in the world of business.

        Moreover, in “Experiential and Cultural Learning in the Field”, students experienced the process of making green tea, which consists of four steps: plucking, fixation, rolling, and drying. In the second step fixation, students took turns baking the tea by continuously turning the leaves with their hand. Then students worked together to roll the tea leaves into the required shapes. Through this activity, students built stronger bonds with one another and felt the importance of team building in business.

        Irene Kao from Taiwan was quite surprised by the large number of group activities in this course and enjoyed interacting with international students. She commented,“This course helped me become more open-minded to new perspectives.” Another student Hector Pletiz Saravia from El Salvador emphasized the significance of finding a leader in the group: “A leader helps maximize efficiency and achieve organizational goals”. Dr. Samuel Chen, director of the IMBA program, hopes the students make the most out of the next two years in the program and implement the knowledge learnt to become successful and influential leaders in the future.